Electronic Pet Doors a User-Friendly & Safe Option For Pet Owners


Normally, we expect that our pets should fit in with our timetables and keep them holding up until we are prepared to allow them out or let them back inside the house. Before, this problem was solved by cutting a ‘flap’ into the main door, to let the pet or pets in and out when they needed it. Nevertheless, this arrangement was far from perfect, as it lets in other animals, and in bad weather, let in wind and rain from outside, also things from the street.

Electronic Pet Doors Are The Perfect Solution

Electronic pet doors are the present-day solution for these issues. There are two primary options when it comes to electronic doors for dogs and cats. The first one uses motion detectors, while the other one utilizes sensors that detect electromagnetic fields. 

While the former type is operated dependent on the use of an innovative motion-detector that perceives the movements of the pet and differentiates, them from those of humans. The latter type depends on the distinguishing of an electromagnetic signal, that is sent from the collar unit worn by the pet.

How do Electronic Pet Doors work?

The electronic pet doors are connected with a power supply, through a nearby outlet, and your pets are fitted with electronic ‘keys’, usually fastened to the pet’s collar. In case your pet needs to head outside, or come back in from outside, with completely no fuss, the door automatically opens to allow them access and closes securely behind them. 

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As the door is keyed exclusively to your pet, no other animal will get the opportunity to sneak into your home, while not wearing an electronic key to that specific electronic pet door. This is even a perfect solution if you need to give access to say, your dog, but not your cat. Or if you have a baby in the house that could attempt to crawl out, through the flap in the door, the electronic pet door will not open.

Electronic doors are more costly than common pet doors. You would furthermore be paying for installation. Anyhow, when you balance the trustworthiness and user-friendliness of an electronic pet door against its cost, it is, surely, the option worth considering.


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