The Tricks to Keeping Common Forklift Injuries Away


Where there’s the constant use of heavy equipment or machinery, there is no denying the fact that operators are bound to encounter accidents. With constant use, the chances of encountering accidents also become bigger. In various warehouses, this is often a common sight, where the highest rate of accidents occurs because of a lack of knowledge. Yes, operators often lack the right knowledge and skills to operate the equipment, which leads to the risks of injuries.

However, when operators learn more about how to operate the equipment, they can avoid various injuries that come along with the used forklift trucks for sale they buy. For this, they need to go through proper forklift training and take some precautionary steps to ensure that operators handle it well. This in return helps to keep away the injuries.

Without the proper knowledge, warehouses encounter some common injuries. In this post, you will learn more about the common ones.

The Common Forklift Injuries

Usually, the common forklift injuries in warehouses include crushes, falls, and pedestrians around encountering accidents or equipment hits. To avert these accidents, you can follow some steps, enhance your work culture, and keep everything under control. Here’s what you can do.

Proper OSHA Training is Compulsory

In the United States, the best agency that offers forklift training is OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Warehouse owners should always encourage their operators to go through OSHA guidelines and operational training programs that can help them in many ways. As they go through the training, it should give them an insight into the basic features of the forklift, the safety measures, and every information they need to keep in mind to keep themselves away from the problems they may encounter. Through OSHA guidelines, they can learn how to tackle forklift toppling issues as well.

Just make sure to choose the equipment from the right dealers, such as Truck Forklifts. They should be able to give you first-hand information on the new and used forklift models available and how proper forklift training will help.

The common forklift injuries in warehouses include:

Crush Injuries

In serious cases, such problems often result when the forklift tips over and end up crushing the operators directly. The forklift falls over on to the driver and in an attempt to jump out, they encounter crushes. This leads to a serious health risk for operators, and it can inflate the chances of injuries as well. To avert such injuries, the operator should make sure people around are aware of the equipment. They should maintain a steady speed, to avoid the risks of jumping out. Furthermore, operators have to hold the steering wheel properly and be ready for any sudden impact.

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If The Used Forklift Trucks For Sale Falls

You must understand that a forklift isn’t a car or a taxi. In warehouses, it is a common sight to see operators tackle the equipment as it were a car. As such, it leads to forklift falls because of carelessness from the operator’s side. Sometimes, operators end up standing on the fork. It is important to understand that the forks aren’t meant for such stunts. Furthermore, avoid crossing a speed limit, which will only pose harm to the operator and people around.

In warehouses, the best option is to institute a no-tolerance policy for the people who treat the equipment as a random one. Employers should keep a strict policy for operators. Likewise, operators should understand that riding the equipment is a risky task and they should be aware of injuries or accidents themselves.

Bumping Into Pedestrians

Even though this is rare, it isn’t anything impossible. Pedestrians are likely to encounter various unexpected hits. In many cases, this results in distractions. Usually, these happen when the operators move their head away from the wheel for a few seconds. Their hands move away from the wheel and it leads to hitting pedestrians around.

Furthermore, warehouse owners should make sure they install safety lights onto the equipment. They should install warning lights and sounds. Pedestrians have to be aware of their surroundings and focus on operating the forklift properly.

As a warehouse owner, you have to prohibit employees from the use of mobile phones or tablets as they operate the forklift. They should check the equipment properly and make sure operators are aware of their surroundings.

When it comes to the common injuries, these are just a few of the common ones to keep a check on. Make sure you choose the right used forklift trucks for sale and follow the right OSHA guidelines and precautionary measures. Make sure that you invest in the right, reliable equipment. Ask the dealers for more information about the model, the maintenance history, and routine checkup details to be sure of the purchase you are about to make.


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