Nayati Healthcare’s mission & expansion plans

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The Indian medical industry is no different, and has high hopes from the upcoming budget. Recently, the Chairperson of Nayati Healthcare, Niira Radia revealed her budget expectations.

“India is at the cusp of becoming an economic powerhouse over the next two decades, which would only be possible with the support of a robust healthcare infrastructure that is available to our masses and not limited to the metros.

The government should exempt the import duty on life-saving healthcare equipment. It should also encourage the domestic production of such equipment’s. ‘Make in India’ in the healthcare sector should be fast-tracked and incentivised,” Radia said.

She added, “The creation of healthcare facilities in the non-metros needs to be incentivised to facilitate early diagnosis of growing non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This would correspondingly make them easier and economical to treat, thereby enhancing the probability of the disease reversibility. Soft loans, tax holidays, subsidised land are also some of the areas to be worked upon in this direction.”

Niira Radia, Chairperson Nayati Healthcare

According to the Nayati Healthcare Chairperson, India needs to move towards an inclusive healthcare policy available for every citizen.

“Keeping pace with the advancements in technology is imperative for the Indian healthcare sector to grow, and thus the government should take some measures to support investment in Research & Development, with an aim to bolster new product and technique development.

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