What Are The Services Offered By A Surrogate Agency?


Both intended parents and the surrogate mother prepare for their surrogate journey. In this period, the clients must find a surrogate agency that they are comfortable to work with. Choosing the right agency is important in having a positive surrogacy procedure as they meet the client’s surrogacy goals.

There are different types of surrogacy agencies that a client can partner with during the entire process. There are professionals involved and an agency that can ease the client’s burden in the process. The agency plays a major role in the process as they closely work with the intended parents.

The intended parents have the option to have an independent process and avoid an agency. However, if they choose to do an independent process it would mean that they will have to handle all the components which can be very hectic and stressful. An agency can carry the burden while updating the clients of the current status regarding the procedure.

What does a surrogacy agency mean?

A surrogate agency is referred to as a firm that provides services to those who are interested in the surrogacy process. The professional services provided by a surrogacy firm are mostly complete from the beginning to the post-delivery. The agency’s job is to coordinate all the processes involved and provide a seamless and stress-free journey for all the parties involved. This helps the client focus on what’s more important which is to build the family and bring the gift of life in the world.

A surrogate agency has a team of trained and experienced professionals. These professionals offer management services, support, counseling, and in some cases legal help. Some surrogacy centers might avoid the term agency since there are no legal state entities that provide licensing to surrogacy professionals as an approved agency.

What services does a surrogacy firm provide?

Handle The Entire Process

A surrogacy firm provides many services. One of the main services is to manage the entire process for the clients. This would mean that the agency will also coordinate with other surrogacy professionals needed in the process. These professionals include surrogacy attorneys, surrogacy doctors, and clinics that will do medical tests. It is the firm’s job to mediate the negotiations, the deals, and conversations with all the professionals involved.

Find The Right Surrogate Mother

Another service that a surrogacy agency must provide is looking at and screening the surrogate mother candidates. Usually, these agencies have laid out their requirements and would look for the right match for the family. They will assist in the medical tests for the candidate. The agency will also do home research and study the surrogate’s home background to see if it is suitable and a supportive environment for her pregnancy. Once the candidate is narrowed, the intended parents can be involved in picking the right surrogate mother for them. In other cases, the agency is the one who chooses for the parents. The screening process of the agency will include mental, physical, and emotional tests to see if the candidate is the right one.

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Coordinate Legal and Medical Matters

In some cases, the intended parents may need to undergo some medical tests to check their blood types and other factors. The surrogate will also undergo medical check-ups and testings. It is the agency’s job to ensure that the results and schedules will be handled well. They will also coordinate with a legal lawyer to draft a contract that will be beneficial to both the intended parents and the surrogate mother. The agency is also the one responsible for sending the payments to the surrogate.

Provides Counseling Services

The surrogacy process is very sensitive and emotional time. An agency can provide counseling support to both the intended parents and the surrogate. Bear in mind that some firms may not offer this service.

Other Ad hoc Tasks

Depending on the agency, they can set up frequent meetings between the surrogate and intended parents. They can also aid in other surrogacy procedures and activities that all parties involved may partake in.

Why should an intended parent work with a surrogacy firm?

There are plenty of surrogate attorneys, surrogacy clinics, and other independent entities that can help the intended parents. Nonetheless, working with an agency is advised to everyone interested in the procedure. Surrogacy is a complicated process that involves medical, legal, and emotional factors. Without a guiding hand that coordinates everything, it can be a tedious and stressful process.

Working with an agency is advisable for both intended parents and the surrogate. If a surrogate chooses to go on her way and deal with clients, she is not protected and might be vulnerable to scam. The intended parents will also have to coordinate with all the systems and legalities needed. To avoid unnecessary pressure, a team of professionals can handle everything else for all the parties involved.


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