Milan Visit in 3 Days


Milan Visit: A journey to discover the Lombard capital between ancient and modern history. A city that offers much more than you think, not only buildings and skyscrapers but also museums and parks.

Day 1

Milan is a great Milan, as the song said but this city must first be discovered because unlike other Italian cities, here beauty is not put in the foreground but is hidden among its buildings and its streets so that often even the Milanese themselves seem to notice how much it has to offer.

Our journey begins with the symbol of Milan itself: Piazza Duomo with its Madonnina. The Duomo of Milan is certainly the most beautiful and spectacular structure in the whole city; construction work began in 1386 and was completed only at the beginning of the twentieth century for a total of more than five hundred years of work! The style of construction is a fusion of Gothic, Neoclassical and Neo-Gothic and is dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente.
The best way to enjoy this immense basilica (the sixth-largest Christian church in the world) is to climb the roof passing through its terraces to enjoy a unique panorama of the city. Here you can book entry and visit.

Entering instead inside the Cathedral there is a curiosity that attracts the attention of the most attentive: near the entrance of the crypt there is the statue of San Bartolomeo depicted with skin flayed and resting on the shoulders as if it were a cloak. Another curious thing is the sundial located near the entrance which marks midday thanks to a hole located in the vault of the opposite bay.

We stay in Piazza Duomo but we go to the stained glass structure that is next to the basilica. This is the museum of the twentieth century where almost four hundred works of the last century are exhibited such as the Fourth State of Pelizza da Volpedo or Fontana’s Spatial Concept.

Once out of the museum it’s time to shop in what is the fashion capital! Following the Duomo, we follow Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and we enter among its arcades full of shops of the most famous brands. If you have time, a small square opens in the middle of the street where the Basilica of San Carlo is located, a not too large church that is worth a look inside.

Day 2

We continue today from Piazza Sempione where the Arch of Peace stands which is said to be aligned with the Arc de Triomphe of Paris. This arch was also supposed to represent Napoleon’s victories but, having been finished only in 1815 after the defeat in the Battle of Leipzig and the Congress of Vienna, the emperor is never portrayed.

We then enter the Parco Sempione, the green area of Milan par excellence with its avenues, the central lake and where the Triennale di Milano is also hosted where you can find temporary exhibitions and events. Among the park’s structures, the Torre Branca is definitely worth a visit, a steel tower built in 1933 by Gio Ponti, from which you can enjoy an incredible panorama with its 108 meters high.

Going beyond the whole park and exiting the opposite side to the one we entered, we find ourselves in front of Castello Sforzesco, one of the most important fortresses in Italy. Built starting from 1368 by Gian Galeazzo Visconti, it was renovated in the fifteenth century by Francesco Sforza who transformed it into a residence and completed by Ludovico il Moro. Destroyed several times, it was finally rebuilt between 1890 and 1905 by Luca Beltrami through the drawings of the XVI.

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Numerous thematic museums are located within the huge area of the castle. Currently it is hosted:

• Museum of Ancient Art
• Musical Instruments Museum
• Gallery
• Egyptian, Prehistoric and Protohistoric Museum
• Art Library
• Furniture Museum
• Collections of Applied Art

Day 3

Last day of Milan Visit, we start from the Porta Venezia area and more precisely from the PAC (Pavilion of Modern Art) and GAM (Gallery of Modern Art) museums. The two museums house a huge collection of works from the 19th century and are located inside the Villa Reale built by Leopoldo Pollack in 1796.

In front of the Royal Villa, there are the Indro Montanelli Public Gardens which house the Natural History Museum and the Ulrico Hoepli Planetarium, which are definitely worth a visit for those who pass through these parts.

We completely move out of the area and now we go to visit what has become the modern area of Milan in recent years: Piazza Gae Aulenti. Raised above the road, it is a circular square where the Unicredit building stands, visible a bit from all over the city and the tallest building in Italy.

From the square it is possible to walk along a pedestrian path that runs along the liberation avenue, completely overlooked by skyscrapers. From here you can also see the famous Bosco Verticale skyscraper, winner in 2014 and 2015 of the International Highrise Award, the prize for best skyscraper in the world.

Not far from this beautiful square stands the Monumental Cemetery where the Famedio is located, a sort of Milanese Pantheon. The most important city personalities are buried here, such as Alessandro Manzoni, whose sarcophagus is located directly under the starry dome, or Arturo Toscanini, Ascari, Schiaparelli and many others. Getting around takes two to three hours, if you don’t want to get lost we recommend a guided tour.

Also in this area, for a very short time, the Milano City Life shopping center with its three towers square stands but where there are currently only two: Torre Isozaki (the Straight), Torre Hadid (the Storto) and soon Libeskind Tower will be built ( the Curved). Here there are many shops and a cinema.

If you have time, not far from this area stands the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium also known as the San Siro Stadium where the Milan Milan and Inter Milan teams play. In summer, large concerts and events are celebrated inside the stadium. If you want to participate in the guided tour of Satadio and Casa Milan we recommend you book it here.

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