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Want to know how to reduce the flying phobia? Then you must read this article “6 Tips that Protect you from Flying Diseases”. One problem during your flight is “flying phobia” that will spoil the pleasure of traveling and leave you with a bad memory of your experience with flying, so you must prepare well before traveling in order to congratulate your flight safely.

Potential flight problems are multiple between sudden health crises, feeling uncomfortable, or sudden fatigue, all of which can be avoided if you follow some helpful advice before traveling.

Here are some tips and advice to help you secure your flight and avoid so-called “flying diseases” as described by medical institutions.

1- Sleep well and avoid these foods

Before the trip you should enjoy a quiet sleep, drink lots of fluids, especially water, and stay away from alcoholic and fatty meals.

On board, it is best to eat snacks that are low in sugar, salt and dairy products, or eat vegetarian meals.

2- Be sure to loose clothes

In choosing travel clothes, be sure to wear loose fitting clothing, as well as choose your shoes carefully to ensure comfort and durability.

In the sky you will not find anyone trying to fix your shoes! International flying rules prevent shoes from being taken off the plane.

3- Avoid smoking and soothing tablets

Refraining from smoking and taking soothing pills before boarding a plane gives you quiet travel without hassle.

It has been observed that heavy smokers suffer from stress especially during long trips, so smokers must obtain medical advice before traveling.

You should also know that smoking – even e-cigarettes – is prohibited on board.

4- On long trips, avoid sitting without movement and take anti-clotting medications

Anti-thrombotic drugs may be useful on long trips, as much research by the World Health Organization shows that the risk of developing thrombosis doubles after 4 hours of travel.

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The main reason for these clots is the lack of movement, whether by sitting for a long time without mobility in the car, bus or train, or even at home and in the office, and the longer the period of sitting without mobility, the greater the risks.

It is also necessary to avoid placing one leg on another when sitting because this leads to obstruction of blood circulation, and increases the chances of a clot.

5- Sitting beside the window protects you from vertigo

Some passengers may experience dizziness on board aircraft, and these travelers can request to sit in a seat next to the window, and if necessary, medication can be taken to overcome this.

6- Are you suffering from a specific disease? Consult a doctor before traveling

Stress, fatigue, sleep disturbance, and indigestion are symptoms associated with long flights and sudden changes in time zones, so if you are keen on a stable daily rhythm because of your habit of taking a particular drug at fixed times (such as insulin), you should consult your doctor before traveling.

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