How to Set Up Your Own Hotspot


It is always easier and more comfortable completing tasks on your laptop than on your mobile device. Carrying out some of these tasks on your laptop may require the use of internet which may not be readily available if you are always on the go.

How do you get instant internet service to work on your laptop when there is no nearby Wi-Fi connection?  We at Totality Services will teach you on how you can use your smartphone and create your own internet connection for your laptop, with one of the best services for IT support London that put you in charge of your daily businesses; you can always rely on us to give you an edge in your businesses.

Creating your internet connection on your smartphones has been made easy today.Both iPhones and Android models have built-in features that allow you to createyour private internet connection, which is popularly called “hotspot”.

Setting up hotspot differs for different model phone, below are details on what it takes to set up a hotspot.

Setting up an iPhone hotspot

To setup a hotspot on your iPhone, you must go through the “Setting” icon and locate “Personal Hotspot” on the listed option. Selecting Personal Hotspot switches this on or off. Switching it onmakes your phone discoverable through both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your computer.

You can restrict people from accessing your hotspot by creating a password below the Personal Hotspot switch. When this is done, then you are ready to access your hotspot from your laptop. The name of your hotspot is displayed as the name of your phone, which you can search and connect to on your laptop.  

Connecting to your iPhone hotspot

You can either connect your laptop to the hotspot via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Connecting to your hotspot via Wi-Fi means you must select your hotspot name on the Wi-Fi selection after which you will be prompted to enter your password.

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If you enter the password, it will promptyou to connect by clicking “Next” or Join” if you are using Windows or Mac respectively. Your laptop should be connected to your smartphone once this is done. You can open your browser on your laptop and try opening webpage like Google to check if it was successful.

Connecting to your hotspot via Bluetooth is a similar process; it requires that your Bluetooth must be turned on for both your iPhone and your laptop. Open Bluetooth settings on your laptop, search the name of your Hotspot and select to “Pair” your iPhone and your laptop. Once it is connected, you should be good to browse the web.

Setting up an Android hotspot

It is a straightforward process to set up a hotspot on your android phone. You start by opening the “Settings” on your App Drawer, click the “More” button below the “Wireless & networks” near the top of your Settings page.

You will tap the “Mobile Hotspot and Tethering” If you use a Samsung device or the “Tethering & portable hotspot,” near the middle of your screenif you are using other Android phones. Tap the “Mobile Hotspot,” followed by“ ⋮ ” icon to configure your mobile hotspot for Samsung devices or tap “Set up a mobile hotspot” at the top of the page to set other android phones.

Your Hotspot name can either appear as your phone name or any other name you choose to rename it. Change your security setting to WPA2 option, create your Password and then tap “Save” on the right bottom corner to finish.

Connecting to your Android hotspot

To connect your laptop to the android hotspot, you will open Wi-Fi selection on your laptop, select the name of your hotspot and enter your password. At this stage, Windows will prompt you to click “Next” while Mac will prompt you to click “Join.” tocompletethe connection process.

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