5 Important Tips To Take Care of Cyber Security:


Cyber ​​Security is a serious and complex issue, however, there are some security actions that can be implemented with low cost.

Here we will cover some topics in an easy way that can help you.

  1- Backup:

Backing up your business data is critical to preventing the loss of important information. Backups should be performed daily.

It is important to ensure that the device used to store copies does not stay in the same place or on the same network as the original documents for a long time.

If possible, consider a cloud storage service contract.

2 – Malware

Malware is software and viruses that can attack and damage the data of companies and organizations.

It is important to trigger the firewall that comes with your machine’s operating system, thus creating a protective shield between your network and the internet.

You can control access to your data via USB stick, SD cards and other types of USB devices. Ideally transfer files via email or through cloud storage services.

Using antivirus software on all computers and laptops is critical.

Downloading third party applications from unknown sources can be dangerous, so it should be prohibited.

3- Phishing Attacks

Scammers perform phishing attacks, where they try to “fish” sensitive and sensitive information, such as passwords, bank accounts.

Instruct all company staff not to surf the Internet or check email from an account that has administrator privileges. This action reduces the impact of scammers’ actions.

Watching for grammar errors, poorly constructed sentences, poor quality graphics, such as logos, can help you recognize when it comes to a phishing attempt.


4 – Passwords

Making use of passwords is a simple, free and effective way to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing private data and information.

Enable 2FA (Two factor authentication) 2-Step Authentication, primarily for bank sites and email servers, where available.

Changing passwords that come as factory defaults is the first thing to do when purchasing new equipment or software.

5 – Mobile phones, tablets

Mobile phones and tablets are more susceptible to attacks, so they need special attention.

The password protection or digital recognition mode can be triggered.

Settings that allow mobile devices to be found and their data to be locked or deleted remotely must be enabled.

It is important to keep your device software and application versions up to date.

Never use public internet connections to send important data, ideally using 3G, 4G or VPN connections.

Replacing devices that no longer have their manufacturer’s media is paramount.

The use of marketing and the idea that small everyday processes will be made from a worldwide data matrix are the reality of the 20th century. XXI, especially when it is seen in the role of giants like Google, who work with big data and sophisticated artificial intelligence processes. How cyber security is changing this world?

In fact, it can be said that technology has advanced so far, at a breakneck pace, which it is difficult to keep up with all the changes that occur in real time. The business world is at the same time the biggest driver of these changes and the most affected by new technologies, which require new solutions and positioning.


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