What Are the importance of Workplace Health Checks


When a company hires an employee, the first thing it wants is the healthy growth of the company. By healthy growth it means that all the staff members should be in good health. Maybe you have the most dedicated employers in your office and they come even when they are sick but that won’t help your company to grow. Productivity can only increase if the staff members are healthy enough to carry their task responsibly. To raise productivity, your staff will need to feel as though they have a true sense of purpose in their work. If they don’t, your employees will feel frustrated and unhappy.  Employees tend to be worried about getting sick, particularly if they are on short notice for a contract or finalization – they are also likely to be ill when they leave work, especially if their job is very much unpredictable and require frequent absences. 

And the truth is that employer health checks are a good investment – the extra time it takes to get an employee off sick and ready to work can mean money saved in higher productivity – not to mention savings on unexpected overuse of medical services. Employer-paid health insurance also helps these employers avoid paying for coverage in the individual market. This also means employers can offer job-based coverage more broadly to workers without the added expense and worry of caring for an employee’s ailing conditions. 

Advantages of workplace health checkups 

The foremost benefit of private health assessment is that the employee will be identified with the disease that he may not be so aware of. Other than saving the cost of future medical bills, it helps the employee to be notified of their sickness earlier which saves them from getting worse. Health checks and vaccinations for staff or patients are part of work-life balance. A healthy growth can only be possible if the staff are healthy.

Employers are benefited from the reduced employee wage bill and health cost burden by providing healthcare, and by providing regular workplace wellness examinations and vaccinations for their staff, including children under 16 years of age. Heart disease has become the number one cause of death and hence screening tests for heart disease can be really helpful. Blood tests for cholesterol will help the staff to be aware of their pressure and this way they can take extra care of their health. Majority of heart disease can be cured with lifestyle habits. 

In order to be aware of the glucose level, the staff can have the glucose level checked so that he can be sure of his pre diabetic stage. Again, diabetes can be reduced with a healthy way of living. The bad thing about diabetes is that you can never be sure of the symptoms as they are so nil. To test for diabetes, ask the employee how he/she feels and how fast the glucose drops and the BG increases. It is also helpful to check for other signs of diabetes such as severe fatigue, weight gain, low appetite, poor balance and skin problems. It is important to not assume someone is diabetic simply because of their current symptoms. 

For the diabetic, diabetes management is usually in the hands of a physician or nurse practitioner. It is important to work with your physician or health care provider to create a personalized treatment plan that provides the best fit for you and your family. When an employee goes through the screening process, he will be notified about the blood sugar level. Screening helps in notifying the sugar levels which are higher but yet not in the range of diabetes. 

Screening helps keeping the employee out from the most common diseases 

Since keeping the blood pressure or cholesterol levels under control is very difficult because of the hassle in life, many employees don’t give so much importance to their health. As they spend the majority of their time outside and in the office environment, they forget about taking their health seriously. Hence for all those holidays, they prefer relaxing at home. This way they are throwing their life in utter dismay. With this, a screening test could provide for an earlier diagnosis and lower the subsequent cost of blood sugar management. An early diagnosis and intervention in diabetes can provide for better outcome. 

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In the United States, nearly one-third of diabetics are not on an appropriate diet and lifestyle for their metabolic condition. This will greatly increase the immediate cost of keeping blood sugar level from dropping significantly below normal, and possibly prolonging the length of stay for patients who need long-term treatment. The practice of keeping blood sugar levels within a normal range has been recommended by many for decades. Since insulin is the hormone responsible for the natural process of lowering blood sugar levels, and since low blood sugar and hyperglycemia can often occur together, it has long been suspected that physicians would benefit from a constant practice of keeping blood sugar levels within a normal range. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have even stated that having a normal sugar range would “promote health and prevent a variety of diseases.” 

Employees always appreciate the medical help 

When a company invests their precious time on Workplace health checks, they are not only helping that employee to have a better life but also have a productive growth in the office environment. Of course, companies can’t always do this. For example, they can’t always do preventative maintenance on their machinery. They can’t always provide on-site medical assessments. But they can provide greater information about and discounts for the needed health services. When the employee knows the condition of his cholesterol level, he will then take a prompt step in seeking a doctor which he probably would not have if he never knew about it. Plus healthcare discounts always encourage people to get hold of it as the medical treatment has become so expensive. 

Just think about how a person would feel if another person or a group of people are taking care of him and his family! This is how an employee would feel. An employee devotes his time and effort in the office and in return he wants nothing but a helping and supportive staff member and office colleagues.  So if the company is taking care of his health, he will be more than obliged to get the benefit from his office itself. This will encourage employees to eat better and to keep themselves in shape.  Employee wellbeing is another benefit of a healthy workplace .  In 2013, 48% of Americans ages 50 to 64 were satisfied with their health and 69% rated their personal health positively. A company that has a comprehensive health and wellness program will improve employee happiness. 

Another positive outcome of a healthy workplace is lower turnover . While employees may receive these incentives on an individual basis, all employees will benefit from having a healthier workplace. The costs of being overweight or obese are huge. The Health Benefits of Obesity 2005 study found that 50% of Americans with a body mass index of 30 or more will have a lifelong health problem. Obesity has also been associated with: higher death rates, increased blood pressure, increased blood sugar, diabetes, heart disease , stroke, gout, arthritis. 

Conclusion: Careful planning can also be an asset for the employee, since health affects productivity.  Like most companies, IBM has healthy-eating and weight management programs, with visual incentive for employees to lead a healthy lifestyle, but more such programs would help drive the demand for workers who support healthy lifestyles. For more information, find here about the workplace screening requirements.


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