Circumstances That Need to Get Treatment from a Piles Doctor


Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, Internal hemorrhoids, and external hemorrhoids are swellings with swollen blood vessels that are located in the rectum or under the skin near the anus (external hemorrhoids). Piles affect almost three in four adults on the cause. Hemorrhoids can have a variety of causes, although typically the exact cause is unknown.
Ayurvedic methods of treating piles are regarded as holistic. If someone has hemorrhoids and wants to attempt Ayurvedic therapy to treat them, they should anticipate their treatment plan to include herbal treatments, lifestyle adjustments, and maybe minimally invasive procedures. If you have hemorrhoids and are looking for an ayurvedic piles doctor in Gurugram to treat, Shri Dhanwantri clinic is your best option.

Piles Types According to Dosha:

According to Ayurvedic theory, the type of hemorrhoids you might have depends on your prevailing dosha:
Hemorrhoids that are soft, red, and inflammatory can be common in pitta-type individuals. The presence of a fever, diarrhea and a thirst sensation are further signs.
Vata-type individuals may endure intense pain, piles that have a rough, hard texture, and constipation
Kapha individuals may struggle with poor digestion and huge, slick, smooth piles that are pale or white in appearance.

Risk and Side Effects of Piles:

Piles have an unknown specific etiology; however, they are linked to elevated blood pressure in the blood vessels in and around your anus. The blood vessels in your back canal may swell and inflame as a result of this pressure.
Piles typically have different signs and symptoms depending on the type of hemorrhage.
Thrombosed hemorrhoids: – Discomfort when walking, sitting, or using the restroom to have a bowel movement; itching around the anus; bleeding when passing a bowel movement, and swelling or lumps around the anus.

External hemorrhoids: – Discomfort or itching in the anal area, any discomfort or pain, surrounding your anus, swelling Bleeding
Internal hemorrhoids: – Bleeding that is painless during bowel motions. A prolapsed or projecting hemorrhoid that irritates and causes pain when it pushes through the anal opening.

Hemorrhoids are a very painful condition. One must be under the supervision of a qualified doctor when treating piles. Not only that, but one must be able to empathize with the patient’s experience to put them at ease so they may confide in the doctor and receive the best possible care. You’ll probably be searching for a reputable piles doctor if you’re one of many folks looking for the best piles doctors in Gurugram. The team at Shri Dhanwantri clinic has the best doctor who is helpful and polite, and they have the most recent medical knowledge to assist patients.

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When it is necessary to Visit the Doctor?

To treat and prevent piles, you can apply certain home remedies and lifestyle recommendations, such as Keeping yourself active by engaging in cardiovascular exercises like jogging, swimming, and treadmill or elliptical training. Use water or wet wipes instead of toilet paper. When passing faces, try not to hold your breath or strain. Wear comfortable, natural-fiber clothing that fits loosely. To aid your digestive health, try to manage your stress.
You should see a doctor if these remedies don’t relieve the pain and itch, or if your hemorrhoids don’t disappear within a week. Calling your doctor is necessary for the following vital systems:

  • If you’re bleeding from the rectus in any way.
  • If the pile is making you hurt or uncomfortable.
  • Even after using over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams or other treatments, if the issues continue.
  • If you’re passing stools have a red or tarry appearance, this could be an indication of bleeding.
Piles Doctor in Gurugram
Piles Doctor in Gurugram
Is Ayurveda being the Best Option for Piles or Hemorrhoids?

Ayurvedic methods of treating piles are regarded as holistic. Herbal medicines, alterations to one’s lifestyle, and non-invasive procedures can all be used as parts of an Ayurvedic treatment plan for those who have piles. Hemorrhoids are thought to be best treated using the kshama karma method. You will be instructed to take particular medications to balance your body as you heal based on your dosha.
According to Ayurveda, there are three bodily types, or doshas, namely Pitta, Kapha, and Vata. Each one is associated with an individual element: fire (pitta), water (Kapha), and air (Vata). A person with one dominant dosha exhibits certain physical or emotional traits, Ayurveda Hemorrhoids Treatment.
Whenever you require aid with piles of any kind, go to the Shri Dhanwantri clinic. He is the most experienced and well-known piles doctor in Gurugram. You can recover faster if you receive Ayurvedic care from a reputable center. Therefore, it’s vital to be aware of who is providing you with the appropriate care. They treat their patients with herbal remedies, yoga postures, and other conventional Ayurvedic treatments.


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