Where Can You Find The Best Tiles In Jaipur


Everyone wishes for a humble abode whose beauty would leave people amazed every time they visit. Modern interior decorators are coming up with new and exceptionally innovative ideas to make simple and boring places beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. However, one thing that has remained constant in amping up a place’s beauty quotient is – the tiles. If you are looking for the best tiles in Jaipur, you are at the right place. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Tiles In Jaipur

Buying tiles is not as easy as it appears to be, especially if you plan to buy tiles in Jaipur, where there is a significant market of wholesale and retail selling of tiles. Moreover, let us check out some of the factors one should always keep in mind while buying tiles for their spaces, be it for their home or any other commercial space. 

  • Quality

    No matter where your tiles are from, do not forget to double-check the quality. Stir away from duplicity and always choose tiles based on the quality.

  • Price

    If you are looking for tiles in Jaipur, there is no scarcity of sellers and shops offering the same, which gives you ample opportunity to compare the prices, negotiate the price and choose the one that gives you the best price on tiles.

  • Design

    However, mentioning this is useless; you should always choose the tiles following the design and aesthetic of the place. A set of tiles that goes perfectly with the space can elevate the entire look effortlessly.

  • Cleaning

    Let’s accept it – keeping the tiles spotless is a task in itself. Choose tiles accordingly. It is always wise to choose a set of tiles in darker hues for kitchen or outdoor spaces where tiles are more exposed to dust, dirt, and grease.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Tiles 

Tiles can make or break the entire look of the space they are used in. While the suitable tiles can change dull spaces into completely classy and aesthetic ones, choosing a set of tiles that do not suit the space can make it look out of place and destroy the entire aesthetic appeal of your space. 

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Tiles are affordable and less expensive than other architectural options that poke a hole in your pocket and continue doing so as they demand considerable maintenance from time to time. But once the tiles are installed, you need to keep them clean, and they practically need zero maintenance if the installation is done correctly. Choose a color and design that match up to the aesthetic of your place, and the cleaning would become more manageable. 

The lighter the color, the more difficult it would be to clean them and keep them spotless. Use a dishwashing soap and vinegar solution to clean the tiles without damaging them (Use a part of vinegar with three parts of dishwashing soap). You can also add a slice of lime or a few drops of essential oil of your choice to this solution to keep the area smelling fresh and spotless. 

Indoor And Outdoor Tiles 

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind while buying tiles is buying them for outdoor or indoor installation. Yes, it does make a difference! However, you can experiment with the choice of tiles if it is for indoors; if you are planning on getting the tiles installed, interior designers always recommend not choosing lighter colors or experimenting much with the designs for outdoor installations. 

So, if you are planning on getting tiles in Jaipur for your space, keep these points in mind to get the perfect set of tiles. However, tiles are a long-term investment for any considerable property. Hence, one should always choose wisely as removal or reinstallation might turn out to be quite an expensive affair. 


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