What Are The Types Of Migraine?


Headache is a joint discomfort that everyone comes across in their life. But, a specific headache gives more trouble for the person by developing other consequences. Such a headache is a migraine, and it arises due to several factors that could trigger it. Mild to severe symptoms accompany such headache, and hence it is vital to consult the best Migraine Doctor In Jaipur to reduce the pain and associated symptoms. It is also integral to oversee its grounds to decide the proper resolution. 

Types of Migraine

Several migraines affect individuals, and each class is specific in every aspect. The diagnosis will help identify the type of migraine, which will further help in the treatment process. The types include

Classic Migraine: It associates with temporary vision loss that comes with a warning sign called “aura”. It is a complicated type that remains to troubleshoot, and the individual can feel the pain either on one side or both sides of the head. It gives a burning sensation and muscle weakness on one side of the body. Depression, irritation and restlessness are the other symptoms of such a headache.

Common Migraines start with a slow process and last for longer, disturbing regular activities. The pain remains stable on one side, and such migraines are known as “migraines without aura”.

Migraines without head pain: These are silent migraines that come with symptoms of other migraines but without pain. The individual might remain sensible for light and sound, and even at times, it shows the phases of aura. 

Hemiplegic Migraines: It is a rare migraine that weakens the body on either side and resembles stroke symptoms. It is a temporary migraine that could cut the body, face, arm or leg and last for around 24 hours. The pain might occur before or after the weakness of the body, and it is its symptom.

Retinal Migraines: It changes the vision and is also known as ocular migraines in general. Its symptom is a diminished vision or complete blindness in one eye. It is a temporary symptom that does not last long, and it arises before or after the head pain. In such a condition, it is essential to consult the best Migraine Doctor In Jaipur to rule out the issue.

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Icepick Headaches: Such headaches do not come under migraine headaches but can produce pain around the eye and temples. The ache might stay unchanging at one place or remain spreadable to further spots. It comes without any warning symptoms, and it is common among persons who have migraine headaches.

Cluster Headaches: This type of headache regularly persists for a particular period and will continue for weeks and months. It remains painful and usually causes pain in one side of the head. 

Cervicogenic Headaches: It is not a migraine headache and comes from other persisting health conditions. It is due to the positioning of the neck in a particular direction for a long time. The pain remains in one side of the head or face, and it might continue for hours or even for days.

Role of Migraine Doctor In Jaipur

It is highly recommendable for clinical investigation when discomfort arises in the body. Self medications and examinations will cause trouble in the later stage of pain management. The doctors will diagnose the cause of the pain by following specific procedures and suggest the best possible ways to reduce the pain when needed. The doctors play an essential role in eliminating migraine pain at an affordable cost. 

Common Symptoms Of Migraine

  • Persisting pain in one side or on both the sides of the head
  • Increase pain when involved in any physical activity
  • Associated with sickness and vomiting
  • Blurred eyesight and blind holes
  • Remains sensible for light, sound and odour
  • Remain tired and confused
  • Exhibiting various feelings such as severe cold and sweat

Apart from the mentioned factors, some other symptoms are also there that could indicate migraine pain to any individual. In all the conditions mentioned above, the individual needs to have proper medical consultation by fixing an appointment with the reputed Migraine Doctor In Jaipur. It will help find a permanent solution for the individuals to manage the pain of severe migraines. Following the instruction of the expert will help in the pain management process, and it also helps in the complete relief of migraine pain. 


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