Things To Know About Speed Bump In 2020


What is a Speed Bump?

Speed bump also is known as speed breaker or traffic threshold and is commonly used as traffic pacifying methods using the vertical divergence to slow down the vehicles for safety measures. Varieties of speed bumps are speed hump, speed cushion, and speed table.

Although the speed bumps are used for the safety measures, sometimes having those is controversial, as their existence leads to traffic noise, if the vehicle is traveling in speed it might lead to some damage to the vehicle. There are some speed bumps which is poorly designed like built a little taller or having sharp angles, which may disrupt the drivers to navigate and cause serious damage to the cars to have low ride height even at low speeds. Speed bumps should be made visible as it can lead to a serious threat to the motorcyclists and bicyclists. A small cut in between the breakers can help these two-wheelers to travel without hindrance.

Speed bumps need regular repair as they wear over time.

1. Composition

Speed bumps are mainly composed of asphalt, concrete, recycled plastic materials, metals, and rubber treated with Sulphur at high temperatures. In the old times, asphalt and concrete were used to build the speed bumps because of their durability and sustainability from the wearing forces. They are more permanent and are more effective to slow the traffic. Nowadays, vulcanized rubber is used, since, with concrete and asphalt, it is very difficult to give forms and shapes to the speed bumps. The rubber products are pre-shaped to the desired sizes and can be easily installed or removed.

2. Measurements of speed bumps

A speed bump measure 5 -6 inches in height and an ideal distance covering is 2ft (0.60m). The broadest of the speed bumps are traverses up to the distance of 9- 13 ft (2.7-3.9m). Length varies of different speed bumps. It is very typical of giving spaces in between the speed bumps. Leaving a considerable space on either side of the thems helps the emergency vehicles to make their way.

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Disadvantages of the Speed Bumps

  1. Emergency vehicles show slow response time.
  2. Traffic diversion to the residential section of the city.
  3. People residing close to the speed bumps often experience noise pollution, if a loaded vehicle cross it.
  4. Speed bumps can be a source of damage for some vehicles.
  5. Cause of discomfort for the drivers and passengers.
  6. It can cause a distraction for drivers from other accidents like children.
  7. The tire- to – bump thumping can cause discomfort to the people with backaches or spinal damage.
  8. Wastage of fuel as lowering the gear consumes more fuel.

3. Dynamic Speed bumps

These are different from the regular speed bumps. The dynamic speed bumps activate only when a vehicle is being driven more than the speed limit. The dynamic speed bump gives the emergency vehicles an upper hand by not getting activated even at high speeds.

speed bump brisbane
Speed Bump

There is a design of a dynamic speed bump made with the rubber and is fitted with a valve known as the pressure relief valve which works according to the speed of the vehicle. Now if a vehicle is moving below the speed limit, the valve pressure is released causing deflation and allows the vehicle to pass without obstacles. The advantages of these speed bumps are they cause less disturbance and pollution and also benefit the driver.


Speed bumps are made to reduce the speed of high speeded vehicles, which is safe for the people. Speed bumps near the schools are made for the safety of school children. There are certain drawbacks like it distracts and disturbs the drivers, noise pollution, awfully impacts people having backaches or spinal injuries. There are different speed bumps and all have their own advantages and disadvantages. People have protested and got the speed bumps removed from their area since it is a source of unavoidable accidents. But the presence of speed bumps is very important.


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