Top 5 dress material for every occasion.


Dress material used for salwar suits is the new in-thing that has replaced other ethnic women’s wear such as the saree and lehenga choli. Its popularity has shot up from nothing to becoming one of the most loved outfits because it offers something that the other two outfits just cannot provide, this unique feature, of course, is comfort. 

The three-piece outfit consists of a tunic, bottom wear, and a  dupatta to tie it all together. The tunic may be very long in the case of Anarkali suits, or it may be shorter ending near the waist region. When it comes to the bottom wear there are several options to choose from and each and every item will elevate the attraction of your look for sure. 

There are so many pairings such as leggings, skirts, jeans, narrow pants, and even churidars which are the traditional pairing for this garment. The dupatta is usually made from different fabrics and compliments the top and bottom clothing. 

Nowadays salwar suits have found themselves in the hearts of many women and girls who enjoy picking out their favorite color and designs and sewing a suit to their own personal preferences. Since women are able to sew their own outfit to cater to their needs there has been an exponential rise of wholesale dress material to keep up with the high demand for them in shops. A wide range of fabrics are available to keep every woman stylish.

1. Cotton:

Perhaps the most in-demand fabric in the entire world is the cotton one because it caters to the requirements of people who live in the hottest climates, the tiny spaces within the weave make air circulation a possibility. This cooling fact is not the only advantage as it is also one of the most comfortable materials that make it suitable for wearing the whole day especially for daily wear or office meeting. Here printed, patterned, or plain materials are the way to go.

Derived from the cotton plant, it is the most commonly produced fabric in India and this contributes greatly to the fact that it is one of the most affordable textiles in the country. Known to be long-lasting, cotton clothing articles are known to be of premium quality and can withstand the elements and hundreds of washes.

They are ideal for summer and winter seasons. The naturally occurring pearly off-white color can easily be doctored with some dye to give every color of the rainbow. With all these features there is no reason why cotton fabric is so loved!

2. Silk:

Silk fabric is thought to be amongst the most highly prized materials in India, not just because of its impressive appearance but also because it bears cultural significance. Not to mention that India is one of the largest producers of silk material and it is for this very reason that silk has managed to make it to each and every traditional clothing item on the market. 

This exquisite material is well known for its smooth texture and smooth appearance from where the ‘Smoother than Silk’ quote has been derived. The shiny surfaces are almost always decorated with heavy decorations and this makes it a probable sight at weddings, parties, and other auspicious occasions where high styled dressings are a must. 

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Decorations you will find on these are embroidery, stonework, beadwork, digital print, or even plain if you want to make the fabric the hero you can opt for a plain design to emphasize the beauty of the silk.

3. Polyester:

One type of synthetic material (made from coal, wool, petroleum) that has found a niche in the Indian market is the polyester fabric that has found a calling in the form of ethnic women’s wear. I am sure that you have all seen those kurtis and salwar suits that have all of the latest designs and features. 

As for the fabric itself, it boasts of many desirable properties such as lightweight and lasting strength that will stop it from getting thin and eventually tearing or getting holes. Are you tired of having to iron your clothes to get those horrible wrinkles out? You will be delighted to hear that there is none of this with polyester outfits because the material is wrinkle-free! With such important characteristics, it is advised that all ladies keep these in her wardrobe.

4. Georgette:

Georgette is preferred by women as it shows their feminism and elegance in the best ways possible. This slightly weighty fabric is known to hug the body of the wearer and show off her fantastic figure. This is thought of as an alternate option for weddings and parties. Georgette and the latest designs and styles are closely associated with each other which is why every time a new fashion trend comes out, it is bound to be made from this classy georgette material.

5. Satin:

Similar but not the same as silk, it can be distinguished by its dull shimmer and cool feel to the touch. Another plus of satin is it is easy to wash compared to silk material. The satin material is an alternative to silk and can actually fool some people into thinking that it is real silk. 

Choose it for some casual to high priority events. Nonetheless, a main attraction and reason for its fame are that it is usually much cheaper than any other silk derivative making it appeal to all budget conscious women.

Final word:

As you can tell that there are several options to choose from making planning daily wear, wedding wear or even clothing for parties an easy breezy task that can be enjoyed by all. Now you do not have to worry about looking fashionable and sacrificing your comfort or being comfortable but looking very underdressed and awkward. 
The salwar suits sewn using dress material caters specifically to the needs of the wearer and can therefore deliver on the style front as well as in terms of overall comfort. An increasing number of women of all ages are quickly catching on to this new trend, so go ahead and do not get left behind in the dust!


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