Why Custom White Boxes are Cheaper and Sustainable Packaging Solutions?


White boxes bring elegance to the product from its simplicity and clear surface. Being a very common color, very few manufacturers use simple white boxes packaging for the packaging of their products but they hold great importance and value when used for special purposes. On the other hand, if we talk about the cost, white boxes are cheaper than the colored boxes because of no printing cost or add-ons on it. As a result, the manufacturers who sell products that don’t need branding and marketing use printed white boxes for their packaging needs. If we compare white packaging boxes with the printed ones, the major advantage we have is their sustainability especially when they are made of recyclable material like Kraft, they can be very useful for the manufacturers who prefer eco-friendly packaging. 

 What Competitive Edge White Boxes Have Over Printed Boxes?

Most people use printed boxes for the packaging of their products for sale. In contrast to them, if you are new in the market, you can be unique by using white boxes rather than printed boxes. As people appreciate simplicity instead of complexity so you can display a positive image with white color boxes. White color is best to promote simplicity so these boxes are quite helpful. You can use these white boxes for the marketing purposes of your product by just adding a logo or trademark on boxes. People will easily see a logo or any other thing regarding your product over the white color. Also, sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the message you want to spread over other dark colors. In the future, if it will become illegal to use printed boxes that pollute the environment then white custom boxes would be in demand. While others have to switch to white boxes, your brand can be the trendsetter and can lead the market.

The inks used for printing are made from substances made from animal-cruelty. This is also a non-natural activity that is carried out for making inks also the process of printing the boxes with these inks makes the air polluted which ultimately affects the ozone layer and damages it. Hence, the white boxes take a competitive edge over the colored boxes and make them a better choice for packaging. The other important

How White Kraft Boxes are Sustainable Packaging Solution?

As we all know our environment is at risk and global warming is increasing day by day. To play our role, everyone should pay attention to this issue and limit the practices which are disturbing the environment and should use alternatives that are environmentally friendly. White Kraft boxes are one of the alternatives you can use for the packaging of products and serve in saving the environment. These boxes are stiff and lightweight in nature more importantly these are biodegradable. Due to the environment-friendly nature of boxes, they can reduce land-fills and replace plastic and promote green packaging. After usage, these boxes are capable of decomposing by bacteria as compared to some printed boxes. You should use these packaging boxes if you are a manufacturer or retailer and try to play a role in the betterment of society.

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Talking about the durability and sustainability, these boxes can be reused to protect the toys of your babies from being damage. That’s why it is more sustainable as you don’t have to make new boxes again and again. Whether it’s about using them for storage of books, coins collection or toys they are handy archival containers that don’t occupy much space no matter where they are placed.

Businesses can use White Boxes for Packaging?

 No matter how small or big business you own, white boxes can be a perfect carrier of your products and will reflect a positive image of your brand and product. Some common industries where white boxes are used are as follows

 1. Food and Beverage

 2. Ornaments and Jewelry

 3. Apparel industry

 4. Retail industry

 As every food manufacturer and restaurants need boxes for food takeout and take away, they prefer sustainable packaging solution and white boxes perfectly meet their needs. They can pack food in different white boxes styles like

  • Pizza box style
  • Oyster pail style boxes
  • Seal end boxes
  • Chinese takeout boxes

Just like the food and beverage industry, cosmetic and apparel products can be packed inside white boxes and used for gift giving and presentation. Even at the display at retail counters, white boxes look amazing and attractive.

Customization Possibilities in White Boxes

White packaging boxes also help you market your products the right way. The right printing and finishing on your white boxes can do the wonders for you. People love and appreciate quality packaging boxes. It’s the human psyche that they like cool, attractive and eye-catching things. The same is the principle with packaging boxes. The more attractive your packaging would, the more attention it will generate for you. This is why modern business individuals understand this concept and never compromise on the quality of their packaging. As kids like to buy small gift items and toys, the shiny look of your corrugated packaging will attract them. The finishing option mainly depends on the type of your products and your target audience. If your target audience is more mature, you can choose the matte finishing option for you’re like cigarette boxes. The matte finish doesn’t look that shiny but does add to the beauty of the packaging boxes. It doesn’t get scratched easily and lasts longer than most of the finishing options… If you are an electronics item supplier, you can add the technical details about your product on these white boxes. This detail will help general people to get an idea about your product. You can choose from digital, Offset and screen printing methods. All of these methods products smooth and refine the printing of your brand image and logo. A well-finished box along with refined printing will definitely help you attract the maximum number of customers. Hence, boxes in white can never make your packaging dull or boring.


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