Simple and easy ideas to add more value to your products


No matter which business are you running but I am sure that you want to add value to your business. Adding value to your products is an important marketing strategy to increase the sales and to gain more customers. Whether it is a food product, a shirt, an electronic product or a cosmetic product, the products should at least have value to persuade the customers. Customers nowadays are very intelligent; they make the buying decisions after proper research. If you are new and launching a product for the first time, make sure to increase the value of your product so that customers can choose your products and you can get the profit that you deserve. Some products fail because the brand owners have insufficient knowledge and they do not apply the right marketing strategies. Finding new people to buy your products is not easy until or unless your products have added value. If you are planning to launch a new product in the market and do not know where to start and how to add value to your products, then you have come to the right place. Here, I will discuss some simple and easy ideas to add more value to your products:

Improve the quality of your products

The quality of the products matters a lot when you think to launch a new product in the market. Always strive for the quality of your products no matter which domain are you working in. Go beyond the limits to get the highest quality of your products. The quality of the product is the first thing that the customers go after. Make sure to maintain the highest standards of the quality of your products. The competition in the market is very tough and to stand out within your competitors, you have to focus on the quality of your products. Make sure the quality of your products satisfies the customers. Your products should give a pleasant experience to the customers.

If your product is a cosmetic, lotion or cream, the ingredients used in the product should be of high-quality and there should be no toxins used in the product, your product should benefit the skin of the customers. If your product is a piece of cloth, make sure the fabric should be durable, the colors and the prints should be durable. High-quality of the products can add more value to your products.

Build a user-friendly website

 Another way to add value to your products is by building a user-friendly website. You should have an online presence to create the brand awareness and to gain the customers’ trust. Customers these days search the brand online before buying a certain product. They look out and read the reviews to make sure the product is worthy enough to make a purchase. Make sure your website should be user-friendly and easy to use. Provide all the information regarding your company, brand and your products. You can add the address of your company, your experience in the industry, your mission and appealing information about your products.

Give your customers an opportunity to buy your products online

You can add extra value to your products by giving your customers an opportunity to buy your products online. No matter how much good or high-quality your products are but at the end of the day, customers look for convenience. There is a huge number of customers that do not like going out and shopping, they believe in online shopping. Your products should provide convenience to your customers. Some studies have shown that the online sales are greater than the traditional sales. Use this simple yet amazing idea but do not forget to add the price, discounts and information about your products.


Increase the delivery speed

If you are giving your customers the opportunity to shop for your products online, do not forget the delivery. Make sure to increase the delivery speed. Hire employees for delivery so that customers can get the products as soon as possible. If a company takes too long to deliver the products, a negative impression of the company is delivered to the customers. Customers hate to wait for their parcels. The time a product takes to get to the actual customer also plays an important role in the value of the products and the positive or negative shopping experience of the customers. Some companies take three to four months to deliver the products that even the customer forgets if they have ever placed such an order or not. Make sure that you only take one or two delivery days so that your customers can enjoy their shopping experience. You can also offer free delivery.

Improve your customer care service

Customer care is a part of your product’s value. Your customer care service shows how good your products are and how much you give importance to your customers. You can add more value to your products by improving the customer care service. Find ways to improve the customer care service. Allow customers to give reviews about your products. Ask for the feedback from the customers and through feedback you would get to know how can you improve your services. You would get to know what your customers want. Make sure to reply to every feedback and improve your services.

Keep the prices reasonable

Do not forget that price is the factor that adds value to the products. Keep the prices of your products reasonable so that customers can easily afford to buy them. Prices should not be so high that the customers cannot buy them. Choose the right price for your products. There are some products that are priced high to increase their value and there are some products that should be priced low to increase their perceived value. Also, keep the prices of your competitors in mind while choosing the right price for your products.

Introduce loyalty programs

Introducing loyalty programs is another good way to add value to your products. You can tell your frequent buyers that they have been outstanding customers. You can introduce loyalty programs giving your customers a gift, prize, a movie ticket, a free item or amazing discount deals etc. Loyalty programs will surely add extra value to your products and customers would be motivated to make more purchases. In this way, you will build a strong relationship with your customers and they will get a reason to stick to your products.

Improve the packaging of your products

The packaging is an important factor that adds value to a product. A product must be packed before it is delivered in the market. The products that you buy are all well-packed. To add value to your products, make sure to get visually pleasing packaging. Use high-quality printing colors that attract the customers. Customers perceive the products as cheap quality when the packaging is not good or when the printing colors are cheap. Customers are also conscious about the material of the packaging. Use eco-friendly packaging because customers are demanding environment-friendly packaging these days. Custom eco-friendly boxes can make your products look more valuable and the customers will perceive that you are concerned about the customers as well as the environment.


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