Steer Through the Tourist Attractions and Beaches with a two-wheeler on rent in Goa


Goa gives a liberating feeling and there are plenty of reasons to trigger this feeling. There is local transport, yet depending on private car rentals is preferred. The best bet in Goa is that there is the enticing option of taking a two-wheeler on rent in Goa. Renting a two-wheeler means you get to go to places. These self-riding rentals offer the liberty to go to the place of your choice. There is no need for nagging with the driver or getting back to the hotel in a sunken mood. There is no room for compromise, you just have to book a bullet rental or a scooter of your choice.

The number of tourists you see in Goa does not come as a surprise. This crowd includes old and young, alike. The foreign and Indian tourists enjoy cruising on the motorcycles and scooters as it offers a splendid feeling while you pass through the coastal breeze as our steer through the Arabian Sea horizons.

Where to rent a bike?

As you decide on renting a bike you should contact your hotel manager. They are the right people of contact and they can arrange a bike on rent in a short time.

Wherever you go in Goa, having around the corner your bike rental place is the best. Panaji is a nice place to rent bikes, but it is expensive.  Remember to avoid bus terminus areas. There are plenty of shops ready to offer bikes on rent.

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The Indian citizens looking for a two-wheeler on rent in Goa have to fulfill these formalities such as:

  • Driving License for a two-wheeler and this should be submitted to the dealer while you are renting a bike. However, you may store a copy as you are driving.
  • Bike documents so that you do not get held up in unwanted trouble. Producing the documents is essential, even if you are a tourist.
  • Submit Identification. If you fail to submit your license as you wish to have the original while you are riding, you may submit any other valid photo such as PAN card or Passport. The original document will be in their custody as collateral.

Things to consider before renting

Hiring a vehicle for rent in Goa needs you to follow certain rules:

  • As the first step take a monthly bike rental, test the bike for its good condition. Ensure brakes are functional. Ride and see if the rear-view mirrors and the headlights are working. Riding in Goa at night is risky, try to avoid.
  • Ascertain to have the contact information of the dealer handy. You can ensure to have the contact number of the bike dealer.
  • Check the fuel as the bike is handed to you. The fuel indicator mostly does not show. You must pick a bike after going through the fuel levels. Ensure the bike has petrol to reach the closes fuel station.
  • Helmets are a must, so ensure to get a helmet for free. Do not shell out any extra money as it is a part of the daily rent.


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