Dzire car: a conscious effort in car rental in Jaipur


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Jaipur is the second-largest city in the Rajasthan State in India, also known as “Pink City“. Economically, the city has been known for the steel industry since ancient times; however, it is currently thriving on health, education, technology, robotics, fashion, and financial services.

There are many tourist attractions locations in Jaipur. The Indian national aviary The Phipps Conservatory and the Amer Fort, the Ramniwas Bagh and the Chokhi  Dhani Resort, Lord Tadkeshwar G Temple (one of the largest Hindu temples in the Jaipur) are the main attraction of Jaipur.

Jaipur, with several palaces to visit, is well equipped with car rentals. Like anywhere else in the world, car rental services in Jaipur have been influenced by green awareness and rising fuel prices, which have given a new dimension to the car rental industry worldwide. and Jaipur is no exception to this trend. All the prominent car rental agencies in Jaipur now have a considerable amount of hybrid cars to rent. Dzire cars are excellent in the environmental field, as they can work with biological and conventional fuels.

However, there is still some uncertainty with prices and rates for Dzire cars, and therefore there is a considerably low number of cars in the hands of rental agencies in this category. For example, Toyota Prius sales are an insignificant part of Toyota’s total car sales.

The additional cost of Dzire rental cars is the real factor that hinders its popularity as a successful rental car. Charge Inr 599 to Inr 899 extra on a standard rental. Although the rental of hybrid cars has an additional value due to its fuel economy characteristics.

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However, car rental agencies are promoting Dzire cars because of their fuel-saving qualities and it is more obvious that, sooner or later, car rental prices would be equivalent to those of standard rental vehicles. Competition, even among car rental companies, to show that they are worthy of environmental awareness is contributing a lot to the induction of Dzire cars in the fleet.

Not only the car rental agencies but you, as a driver of a rental car, can also contribute a lot to the efficiency of Dzire cars and the cause of environmental awareness. As a driver, you can contribute while driving at an average speed of 65 mph instead of 75 mph to improve fuel efficiency and drive at a constant speed, to save fuel and keep the environment less polluted.

Fast, zigzag pickup in the middle of vehicles and sudden braking waste fuel and use brakes and tires, so keep the distance between vehicles to gradually accelerate. Turn off the car engine when it has been idle for more than 30 seconds. Keep tires well inflated, as tires with low inflation reduce fuel savings by 3-4%. Do not use baggage access and remove unnecessary baggage; otherwise, the engine would run more and consume more fuel.

The other useful tip to increase fuel consumption is to avoid the use of air conditioning below 35 degrees and to keep the car windows closed at a very high speed, as the windows open at highway speeds increase the aerodynamic resistance in the vehicle and increases fuel consumption.

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