How to Create an Event on Facebook


When you have an occasion to sell you need to be taking advantage of social currency to spread the phrase and help you sell tickets. Facebook is a super platform, allowing you to install your personal (freed from rate) event fan web page and attain out to the website online’s 1.7 billion-plus individuals. You may also set up private event pages, that will help you to ask the most effective selected guests. Facebook has also brought a stay video feature that allows you to proportion your occasion with folks who may not be capable of attending.

In this manual we’ll train you the way to create an event on Fb, percentage it and the way to make it personal or public, depending on your event’s wishes. We’ll additionally walk you through a way to use FB live and great practices on sharing live content. Don’t overlook the wonderful examples beneath FB logo pages which can be the usage of those event features to complete impact. If you want to read more, go to Facebook Customer Service.

A way to create an event on Facebook

Create an event from a non-public FB profile

1. Log in to FB and head to https://www.Fb.Com/activities/

2. On the left-hand facet pick “Create occasion”

3. Pick out whether you’d like your occasion to be private or public. It’s important to remember that when you create a public event you cannot alternate it to non-public at a later date. Right here are the variations supplied via Facebook among a non-public occasion and a public event that will help you make an informed choice:

Non-public Facebook event: best the human beings who have been invited to this event can see it. Visitors can invite their buddies if the admin allows it (you get to select this) and if invited, these humans can view the occasion description, pictures, posts and videos. No person outdoors of those who’ve been invited can see the occasion. You can’t share a private FB occasion, simplest invite human beings to view it.

Public FB occasion: A public occasion is visible to all people on or off Fb. Anybody can see things like the occasion description, photographs, event discussion and videos. The occasion will also be discoverable in seek.

Accurate to know: personal facebook occasions can handiest be made out of a non-public profile. In case you are creating an occasion from your FB enterprise page, there is no manner to make the event private. All Facebook enterprise pages occasions are set to the public as default.

4. Create the occasion

Now you’ve got selected whether to create a public or non-public occasion, you could add all of the info on your occasion.

This consists of statistics along with:

Your occasion name

An occasion image or video

An area

The frequency (in case your occasion is annual, or reoccurring, you may pick this right here)

The date and time of your event

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Any co-hosts (as an example a venue that may be hosting your event)

A price tag URL

If you’d like to hide the visitor list from the public, or from other humans attending the occasion, you can uncheck the field that announces “show guest listing”.

With public Facebook events you may also upload search engine optimization information to help your occasion come to be extra discoverable. This consists of a category, description, and keywords.

For example, if you have been going for walks an advertising occasion you could need to feature keywords which include “advertising and marketing”, “social media” and “London”. The subsequent time a person searches “social media event London” they could locate your event, assisting to boom registrations. 

Once glad, you could click “Create” to make your occasion, or save this as a draft to go back to later. To discover your draft event revisit https://www.Facebook.Com/activities/.

You could additionally see beneath “event Host” that you may pick out whether or not to host the event out of your personal profile, or via a FB commercial enterprise page. If you want to host the event via your enterprise, pick the dropdown and select the business account. You may additionally install an event directly from inside your FB enterprise page using the guide underneath. If you read more about creating a Facebook page to go to Facebook Support.

Create a Fb occasion from a Facebook business page

Comply with these commands in case you need to make a brand new event on Facebook with a commercial enterprise web page as the host. Just take into account that this event may be public and discoverable by using everybody on, or off, of Facebook (there is no way to create a non-public event from a FB commercial enterprise web page).

1. Open your enterprise page on Fb

2. Use the dropdown subsequent to “share” and choose “Create occasion”

3. Add all of your details which includes the event name, vicinity, time and description

How to edit your Facebook Event

To edit your event at any time, open your Fb enterprise page or your personal profile, and you may see “activities” indexed at the left -hand side.

Here you may see a listing of all your upcoming activities. Use the dropdown subsequent to each occasion to edit, proportion or reproduction your event.

The way to Share a public Facebook event

1. Go to https://www.Facebook.Com/activities/ (or select the “occasions” tab as shown above in case your event has been created beneath a facebook commercial enterprise web page).

2. Pick out “website hosting” from the menu on the left-hand aspect.

3. Underneath “activities You’re web hosting” you will see all of your occasions. To share the event, choose “proportion” to invite friends, a percentage in messenger or proportion through the information feed.

4. To share the hyperlink outdoors of Fb, open the occasion and replica the URL from in the browser.


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