Recommended Shapes & Designs for Bathroom Wall Mirrors


You could be in the middle of remodeling your bathroom or choosing a design for a new one. Your bathroom is an important part of your house and you would like to be as beautiful as possible, for your own pleasure and for any visiting guests.

However, how are you supposed to know which one is the best bathroom wall mirror suited for your house if are not well aware of the shapes and designs available for bathroom mirrors these days? Did you know frameless mirrors have become the new fad? There are also a variety of styles available for framed mirrors. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

1. Mirrored Wall

Maybe, you have already looked through an enormous amount of shapes, size, and frames for your bathroom wall mirror. Maybe, you came back home confused and beyond frustrated. Well, there is an option where you do not have to make a decision at all.

Instead of choosing a shape or frame, mirror the entire wall of your bathroom. No matter where you look, you will find your reflection looking back at you! On top of that, this is a frameless mirror option where your bathroom will look classy and bigger, even if your bathroom is actually quite small.

2. Double Mirrors

This is something you should opt for if you have a double vanity. You can hang two long rectangle shaped mirrors over each sink so that your bathroom gets a look of symmetry. You can also try on this look if the sink vanity on your bathroom is long. Instead of a large mirror, the double mirror will have a greater impact on the look of the room.

3. Minimalist Mirrors

If your bathroom is what one would call contemporary, the mirror you are about to buy should fit the airy feel of your bathroom. Go for the Bathroom Wall Mirrors with the most basic shape you can find, something that’s small and rectangle or one where the border is quite slim.

4. The Mix and Match Option

No one is forcing you to stick to a certain shape or mirror frame for your bathroom. Especially if you have a double vanity, you have plenty of options. Like the mix and match one. You can use two different mirror shapes on two different sides of the sink. One can be oval and one can be square. Or you can even do one with a frameless mirror and another with a framed one. It will give your bathroom a unique look of its own.

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5. Ornate Mirrors

Sometimes, you just want to follow the extravagant route. Even if other item in your bathroom isn’t particularly glamorous, you can amp up the stakes with an ornate mirror, one with preferably a frame that’s particularly sparkly. If you choose to go for a slightly larger one, letting the mirror overpower your entire bathroom, would be even better.

6. Triptych Mirror

Or maybe, for your new bathroom look, you want to feel like a Hollywood star. Triptych mirrors do just that. Bonus points if the mirror is attached to a wall where the vanity below looksVintage. Nothing would be as satisfying as doing your makeup in front of the mirror of this scale.

7. Colorful Mirrors

A simple, plain and basic bathroom can look like the most vibrant thing you will ever see with the right mirror. You can choose a plethora of shapes and colors for your bathroom mirror. Maybe you want the mirror to be a bit curvy.

Maybe you need the frame to be bluer and gold or a mixture of red and gold. In the end, it’s your bathroom. You are allowed to do whatever you want with it.

8. Antique Mirrors

Not all mirrors have to be an example of the changing times. In fact, mirrors have a way of looking prettier with age. Maybe you want to skip the newly manufacture shapes and designs and go for an antique piece. A mirror that has clearly withstood the test of time is still beautiful enough to stop passerby in its tracks.

9. Sculptural Mirrors

Sculptural frames are capable of attracting the eyes in a way few other things can. This mirror with unusual shape can save you the cost of extra decor for your bathroom, as the mirror will be enough. You might not have any particular reason for choosing the mirror, but it will certainly look like an art statement to others.

Ultimately, the bathroom wall mirror choose depends on a number of things. Mainly, the wall your bathroom mirror will be adorning and the overall size of your bathroom. Be careful while making those decisions and maybe, ask someone expert in home decor and living for advice.

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