7 Top Things to Enjoy in Qatar


Qatar is a small country surrounded by giants like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and UAE. Other Arab countries do not like the honest and Muslim-friendly policies of the country, and so, they had imposed a land, sea, and air embargo on it in 2018. However, despite the blockade, Qatar is still progressing at an amazing speed. It is mainly due to the financial independence of the country. Qatar is one of the biggest exporters of natural gas, and so, it does not make a big difference even if some countries put an embargo on it.

Qatar is going to host the FIFA World Cup 2022. Given the excitement and the fervor the mega event generates, people from all across the world will be coming to Qatar through Qatar Airways flight booking. If you are also planning to visit Qatar soon, you must need to know the best things to do in Qatar beforehand. In this piece, we have thoroughly informed the readers what they can do while they are in Qatar. Let’s start.

1.     Visit the Museum of Islamic Arts

While building the museum, the architect opined that it should be built on a standalone island in a bid to avert the obstructions of buildings. This magical museum looks like it is waving on water. Some of the items in the museums include jewelry, Islamic patterns, calligraphy and embellished textiles.

You should visit this place to experience an impressive blend of nightlife and cuisine of Doha. You can also witness the high-profile exhibits displayed inside the museum.

2.     Explore the Tremendous Alleyways of Souk

Souk Waqif was renovated in 2006, and surprisingly, a market has stood on this spot for hundreds of years. It lies on the bank of a small and beautiful stream and is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. It is basically a traditional market where you will find everything from food and cafes to the outlets and the stalls. The mesmerizing alleyways of the market will undoubtedly fill you with an overwhelming aura.

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3.     Admire the Doha Skyline

The Pearl is not the only spot that shines. There are also other sites such as Corniche, where you can appreciate the glittering beauty of the skyline. You must witness the architectural artistry of the country by observing the skyline from a boat. Each towering skyscraper is there to dazzle the crowd as if the buildings are in competition with each other. You can also go to the rooftop of the Aspire tower to truly admire the remarkable magnificence of Qatar. People living in Lahore can check Lahore to Doha ticket price before packing their bags.

4.     Attend Sporting Events

The country also provides sports enthusiasts with an amazing opportunity to fulfill the fascinations. There are lots of grounds here that host various sports, including football, baseball, tennis, and basketball, etc. Since the country is also hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022, you will also have the chance to meet your favorite football stars and watch them in action. Furthermore, the traditional Arabian sports, including came racing, horse racing and falconry, are also a favorite pastime here.

5.     Indulge in Some Retail Therapy

Since the country is tax-free, shopping here is the most convenient in the whole world. Doha has stunning shopping malls, boutiques, and mega-hall to surprise even the most seasoned shopper. The malls here are designed like paradise away from the heat. You will see that eating, entertainment, and shopping are bundled in one luxury complex. The Mall of Qatar is the biggest shopping complex in the country where you can indulge yourself retail therapy.

6.     Visit the Katara Cultural Village

You can visit the Katara Cultural Village on your way to the Pearl. The village is described as the indisputable gem of the country’s art and cultural heritage. Here, the labyrinth of waterways and passages reveals space for photographers, artists, and filmmakers. Here, you will discover an&


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