IS Network Engineers are In Demand?


Organizations today seek network engineers because today’s networks and systems become increasingly complex as technology advances. The network engineer outlook Expects Approximately 6% Growth in Network Engineer Employment Between 2016 and 2026. As companies grow their IT networks, the demand for network engineers has grown in the past decade. . Designing a new network or updating an existing one creates new opportunities for network engineers. In addition, the rise of health information technology will further increase opportunities for network engineering.

Depending on your specific job title or company you work for, you may have the following projects that you can work on as a network engineer:

Computer Network Maintenance: Network engineers ensure that communication and resource sharing work between all devices on the network (computers, printers, servers, etc.) and that they have an Internet connection. They need fast connections, limited outages, and minimal downtime. Network engineers must also interact with all external users and providers (such as Internet service providers) to maintain the network.

System Design: Network engineers must consider the physical design and budget of the building to create a network design. If you have multiple buildings, the network engineer should design your organization’s wide area network (WAN).

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Implementation Management Network engineers often fall into the role of project managers for IT-related projects. They are responsible for the implementation and general management of these projects.

Stay up-to-date: Network engineers must be up-to-date to protect and maintain your organization’s network and understand the latest technologies.

Outstanding due to strong demand for network engineers and lack of qualified professionals,salaries, job opportunities and opportunities. Taking on the role of network engineer can be an exciting and lucrative career choice.

Network Engineer Salaries

Network engineer salaries are good and improving every day. Nationwide, salaries for network engineers range from $ 73,335 to $ 154,325, with an average salary of $ 104,650. In 2017, the average salary in the US USA It was $ 37,690, which was significantly lower than the average salary for network engineers. Of course, there are several factors that affect the salary you receive as a network engineer.

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Your employer: size of the organization, whether in the public or private sector, etc.

Your location: Depending on the economy of your area, the geographic location of your organization can play a role in your salary.

Your education: the more education and qualifications you have, the higher your salary

Your experience: whether you are an entry level network engineer or have previously worked in that role

Despite these factors, the network engineer position offers a high salary as a whole. Most organizations offer full-time employees a comprehensive benefits package to further enhance the value of their positions.

Is Network Engineering A Good Career?

Demand for employees in the information technology (IT) industry, including network engineers, has skyrocketed during a shortage of candidates. In fact, according to Forbes1, IT jobs increased 74% in the last five years in 2015, with more than 200,000 jobs currently in the industry. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics 2 (BLS) reports that just over three-quarters of these jobs were in network engineering jobs. Therefore, we know that we do not have enough qualified candidates to meet our growing needs, and we have more options when it comes to hiring. TL; DR: Although it takes a long time, becoming a network engineer is very feasible. Cybrary enables the role of this highly sought-after job in the career of network engineers. With better training, access to mentors, unlimited hands-on training resources, and a guided curriculum to prepare your jobs, Cybrary will provide all your training on one platform.


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