Fart Prank in Pakistan by LahoriFied


Pranks are ludicrous or mischievous acts done for fun and amusement. There are many kinds of pranks in the world. Some pranks are very funny, harmless and some can unintentionally disturb victim’s privacy. Humor in pranks is very subjective thing. If you’re looking for tasteless humor, it cannot get any better than Fart Prank in Pakistan by LahoriFied team. There are many hilarious Fart Prank Videos on the internet. Whether you need something smelly or just something that looks like it stinks, these pranks are meant for you. 

Why Stinking Pranks like Fart one’s are so funny? Well, there are many schools of thought on that very topic. Some believe it’s because we’re not supposed to think gross things are funny, and we’re rebels if we watch and enjoy Fart Pranks. Some believe it’s because smelly and poop-related things make people gag, and that reaction is actually what’s funniest. Still majority of the people enjoy a good poop-related Prank because it really gets under the skin of people who may actually believe theirs doesn’t stink. Seriously though, try to say “poop” without at least wanting to smile. You just can’t do it, can you? That’s right. Poop and farts reign supreme as comedy gold!

Fart Prank in Pakistan

The video started with disgusting but laughable voices of Farts and Poops in the background. Members of LahoriFied team anonymously proceed towards different people and fart in their private comfort zone. The member in brown jacket bends down and farts on the face of people resting on the ground or sitting in restaurants. The other member in black outfit, while passing through a group of girls bent down to pick up something and farted. The girls started acting like they’ve never heard a fart in their life. The most hysterical moment was farting in doggy style, accomplished by angling one leg into the air.

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Some of my honorable mentions regarding this video are:

  • Awkward smile on the faces of girls sitting with boys to cover up the embarrassment.
  • The confidence of bending down for the emission of gas to make the victims discomfort.
  •  Everybody’s enjoying this harmless disgusting act.

It takes hell lot of courage to pull off such embarrassing act to bring laughter on the faces of viewers.  LahoriFied is doing an incredible job and needs more encouragement from people of Pakistan. It’s high time that people should appreciate their work and give them recognition especially after this Fart Prank in Pakistan. They’re wasting no time getting massive with their awesome blend of ballsy, funny and socially-aware pranks.


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