7 Custom Soap Box Packaging Mistakes that can Ruin your Business


Not everyone is a hero when it comes to designing perfect custom soap box packaging. Poor labeling, misleading copy, excessive plastic, and awful design are some of the many packaging blunders that turn away customers and discourage purchases.

But that’s not all. There are several other examples that aren’t essentially a ‘purchase incentive’ for the buyers. Here we have compiled them in descending order.  

What’s the Product Exactly?

The fundamental purpose of packaging is to convey what your product really is.

Sadly, a lot of custom soap boxes mislead customers. As a result, they fail to jump off the retail shelves. This happens because a wide majority of customers rarely read the labels. They are prone to making purchases based on the look of the soap boxes.   

That’s why it’s critical to reflect transparency in your packaging. It will allow customers to differentiate between a medicated soap bar and a beauty cleansing soap. Mind you, it’s not too hard to mix these two.

Unsustainable Packaging Generates Waste

We live in an age where you also need to focus on the environmental side of doing business. The growing awareness of the social and environmental impact has influenced customers to pay heed to recyclable packaging more than ever. Particularly big corporations are expected to set great environmental examples.

Unfortunately, the soap market is still not too convinced in changing its packaging approach as liquid soap is still inclosed in plastic bottles. It’s like packing a half-boiled egg in a non-recyclable plastic tray with a foil-wrapped around it.

Are You an Eco-Friendly Brand?  

Embracing green products or packaging isn’t enough. Today, customers want to know if your brand is eco-friendly. This means if you have an eco-friendly product it’s vital to highlight it in your communication and packaging.  

Countless brands boosted their sales and market share by luring customers who prefer to buy from eco-conscious companies. Not only these customers feel good about spending the money, but they also know they are making a difference.   

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Labeling Errors Prove Costly

Wrong or poor labeling in packaging is one error that can prove costly. In fact, there are situations when wrong labels have put businesses in a tight spot. For example, you cannot afford to put a wrong label on pharmaceutical products.

This can tarnish your reputation and cause serious health damage to the consumers. And the worst part is you could also be sued for misleading the customers.

Hard to Open Packaging

If you often get to hear that ‘we cannot open this package’ your customers have a complaint against your custom soap packaging

Even though you have the world’s best soap, it won’t fly off the shelf if the packaging is hard to open. A packing that requires you to use scissors only points in one direction: There’s something wrong with your packaging and you need to fix that immediately.

Doesn’t Trigger Emotional Engagement

Consumers always have certain feelings towards different brands and products. But when they don’t feel that emotional connection with the brand, it means your packaging has failed to create that bond.

So when designing your custom soap box, your motto should be to evoke the emotions in customers and make them feel special. This will help you create a packing that can transfer the feeling of joy and contentment. A simple, elegant design and effective copywriting can help you pull this off. 

Don’t Overdo it

Of course, the minimalist design doesn’t work for every brand. In fact, there are several brands that are making the most of colorful designs. But, you can also see designs that are absolutely painful to look at. You can effortlessly pick the brands that distress customers with horrible packaging designs. And that’s mainly because they have overdone it. There is no need to go overboard when you can do this with a minimalist design.


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