Must-Know Facts On Custom Sublimation Shirts


T-shirts are a means to measure one’s fashion sense. This provides the wearer comfort as well as protection from any external hazards. This form of the tunic has been in the market and it is widely used by both men and women for its outstanding features.

Moreover, these clothes are ideal for players who play in the field under the scorching heat of the sun throughout the day. Thus when it comes to choosing Manufacturers of your dress, then you have to know which type of cloth you require to soothe your demand.

Keep on reading, if you want to know about the various kinds of custom sublimation shirts produced by the T-Shirt Manufacturers.

Sublimated T-Shirts

These are the regular custom shirts that are made out of polyester or some fabric, which has a slight portion of the polyester coating. The word sublimations actually mean the form of printing used to make the t-shirt colorful.

These shirts are available in various different sizes to soothe the physic of each and every buyer. This offer customization according to the demand of customers and the sublimated printing makes these clothes pretty colorful.

The use of exotic quality of the fabric makes these dress ideal ones for players because it provides lots of comforts and airy feeling to the wearer. Moreover, these wears are good sweat absorbent which lets the wearer keep dry and cool at any time of a day.

Cut and Sew T-Shirts

The uniform manufacturers make these dresses in such a way that it can have customized designs over it. The perfect stitching, design and the built make it pretty comfortable to wear.

The presence of high-quality fabric in this dress makes it pretty lightweight and easy to wash. When a player plays, then there are chances he or she will get dirty! These dresses are built by the T-Shirt Manufacturers in such a way that the wearer can wash it pretty easily.

Moreover, it can withstand the external adversaries pretty easily. In addition to these, if you wish you can put a customized logo and color on these shirts to flourish your persona.

Screen Printing T-Shirts

This is another form of an all over print shirt that is a newcomer in the textile industry. This form of the shirt has the exotic quality of printing on it, which can attract anyone towards you.

Using a mesh, ink is transferred onto the substrate keeping the impermeable part aside and in this way, these clothes are colored. Thus, this requires a lot of human monitoring and skill; which makes it the best form of t-shirt among the three different forms.

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These are the different type of tunic produced by the manufacturers of the t-shirt. Each of the types has some unique feature but all are able to provide a good amount of comfort to the wearer.

Thus, whatever form of these shirts you are going to choose, be assured that it will help you to focus on your task and it will certainly enhance your ability to work.

When are custom printed shirts required

At some point, almost all individuals, small businesses, organizations, and schools come up with some event or idea that they want to promote with a full-color t-shirt. It could be a family reunion, senior night at a high school, or a business’s 1st year anniversary.

And, if you’re inspired enough to try to implement the idea, you might just find that it’s prohibitively expensive because you don’t have a big enough order to make it worthwhile for a screen printer to do for custom all-over print clothing. Heat transfers aren’t the answer, because multi-colored transfers are expensive, too.

Two good solutions to this problem are sublimation and direct digital printing. Both are full-color processes suitable for low-volume work. They both have a good “feel,” in that you normally can’t tell by touch where the design is.

Sublimation vs Digital garment printing

But there are two characteristics that separate direct digital printing from sublimation… The first is that direct printing is for 100% cotton. Sublimation, on the other hand, works best on 100% polyester, and should not be used on cotton.

The second characteristic differentiating direct printing from sublimation is that you can print on dark colors, even black. Sublimation is only useful for white and light colors. Sublimation will either not show up on a dark shirt, or will look like a mess.

Digital garment printing does have some disadvantages for the apparel decorator, though. You do have to go through a couple of extra treatment steps when printing on dark colors.

Application of the treatment is dependent on the skill of the operator, and if you don’t do it frequently, you could get inconsistent results on your blacks and navy that can drive you crazy.

And the low-end printers are on the slow side. If you’re the impatient type, you’ll have to either multitask to keep from going crazy or learn to relax. At times, white shirts may scorch in the heat-fixing stage. This can be avoided by splitting the fixing time, but that introduces an extra step.


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