4 Functional Cabinet Ideas for Designing a Low Maintenance Kitchen


After working as an interior designer for a decade in America has made me realize that creating a designer kitchen is actually easy. Generally, the homeowners who ask us to create such kitchens have no dearth of money, space or set boundaries for design. For us, the designers, the real challenge is when you design the interior of a home that is meant for a busy common American. On one hand, you have to incorporate as much style as you can within the limited budget. On the other, you have to make sure that you are making it completely functional for ease and maintenance.

A common American family means everyone in the house will be busy. The couple will be working presumably and the kids will have their school, all the scheduled learning sessions and social gatherings. So, for such a family, it is necessary to have a house that will be completely functional. And the kitchen should be the place that offers convenience for cooking as well as maintenance. If you are looking for ways to design cabinets for a low maintenance kitchen for your home, you are in the right place. Take a look at the following points to get some ideas.

Say No to Too Many Details, Dimension, and Fancy Finishes

When you are purchasing the cabinets for your kitchen, pay attention to the sides and the doors of the cabinets to understand how easy they will be to clean. Choose the slab doors or the shaker design as they are comparatively easier to clean and maintain rather than the ones that have detailing, bead word, glass panel, shutter style and so on. For this, think of the paint too, instead of the matte ones, the glossier and the satin finish will offer you more ease in terms of cleaning and retaining the charm.

Wood Grain for Camouflage

Let’s face it, for a busy family, everyday complete cleaning of your kitchen is not possible and you won’t have time for this either. Rather it will be mostly occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or New Year. So, it is necessary that you choose a set of cabinetry that can easily hide the dirt when you are not being an efficient cleaner. So, choose a wood grain that can do the job for you. I will highly recommend cherry kitchen cabinets. The natural reddish-brown hue and the grainy texture will be perfect for the kitchen to look much cleaner than any other lighter shade. Moreover, the specialty of cherry wood is that it becomes darker as it ages with time. So the natural grain will retain the glamour of the cabinet for a long time.

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Choose Functional Accessories

When you are choosing cabinets, it doesn’t only include material, wood type or the door design. It also includes handles and hardware. These accessories are very tricky to keep clean, especially if they have any detailing in the design. Choose the functional ones and make it convenient for you to clean. For example, it might be all too tempting to use elegant and curved handles golden handles for your antique white kitchen cabinets. But for a functional choice, settle for elegant and sleek copper, brass or steel ones.

No Open Shelving or Glass Doors

Open shelving style can be a real task for you when it comes to cleaning. All the vapor, moisture, oil and dirt will get absorbed by the surface and you have to spend hours to not just clean the shelves but also the utensils and jar you are storing in. Also, the glass door will do you no good as the dirt and oil will be too clearly noticeable. So, these two options will demand more frequent maintenance than wood.

So, now as you know about cabinet ideas for a low maintenance kitchen, what are you waiting for? Incorporate these ideas into your plan and design your perfect kitchen. Thank me later.


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