5 tips on keeping your kitchen pest free


Pests can destroy your kitchen environment and can call for many other airborne and foodborne diseases. These pests can further contaminate your food making it dangerous to consume. A pest-free and clean kitchen indicatesa healthy home appliance like refrigerator, microwave oven and finally the home and reduces the risk of other infections or illness. By adding a few changes in your everyday routine you can get a pest-free and safe kitchen.

Here are a few pest control tips to keep your kitchen clean and healthy-


It is always advisable to dispose of your kitchen waste regularly. Always have a habit of segregating your house waste. Maintain two separate garbage bins for dry waste and wet waste. Moreover, disposing of waste regularly will reduce the risk of cross-contamination and will ensure a clean and healthy house, reducing the risk of pest invasion.


Pests can make their way through thin cardboards and papers and can easily infest your food. To avoid this, always store your food in airtight containers like a Mason jar or Tupperware. This way your food stays safe and avoids the risk of food contamination.


One of the most important routines that you need to include is to segregate your house waste. This is no hidden fact that waste management begins with waste segregation. Maintaining a single bin for all the house wastes can be the major call out for pests and other unwanted diseases. This can also contribute to further illness and infections. To avoid this, make sure you segregate your daily waste and maintain three garbage bins­– one for dry waste,one for wet waste and the third one for general waste.


Now, this might sound a bit tedious but doing your dishes on time can prove to a big help. The leftover food particles on the unwashed dish can call out for more pests and can disinfect the whole kitchen. It is always advisable to wash your dishes soon after using them.

5. Deep clean your kitchen once a while

Cleaning your kitchenregularly and deep cleaning it once a while are two completely different things. Deep cleaning your kitchen includes cleaning cabinets, fridge, countertop, containers, getting rid of grime from each corner, throwing out expired or near to expiry food etc. Timely cleaning will assure a clean and healthy kitchen, keeping pests away.

Here are a few tips that you should follow for a clean and healthy kitchen-

1. Dispose of any leftover particles immediately into a garbage bag and make sure you cover it.

2. Clean your kitchen sink every day. Leaving dishes with leftover particles will attract cockroaches and other deadly pests.

3. Make sure to clean the sink drainage once a week or more.

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4. Keep your cabinets, countertops and areas around sinks and gas clean.

5. Store your veggies and fruits in the fridge.

6. If you find any crack in your kitchen, immediately seal it. The cracks can be home to cockroaches, ants and other bugs.

7. Always keep your airtight containers clean.

8. Always keep your kitchen dry. Insects are easily attracted to the wet areas. Cockroaches and other bugs love moist areas, so make sure you keep your kitchen dry.

9. Always segregate your waste and maintain different garbage bins for dry, wet and other general waste.

10. Last but not least, if things do get out of hands, seek professional help immediately. Don’t let those kitchen bugs infest your whole house.

Here’s what a few of our homeowners have asked us

1.What is the best way to keep my kitchen away from the pests?

The first step towards a pest-free kitchen is to keep it clean and healthy. Make a habit of cleaning things up immediately after each meal. Do your dishes on time and always store the leftovers in a separate garbage bin. Deep cleaning your kitchen once a while is a must need. Get rid of the house trash regularly. Keep your cabinets and countertops clean. Check for any broken sink pipes and if you do, immediately fix it. Moreover, segregate your house waste and keep a keen eye on any bug activity.

2. Are there any natural cleaners to keep the pests away?

Yes, your handy kitchen ingredients can help you big time to reduce the deadly pests. You can use citrus peels for spiders, ants and mosquitoes. Place cucumber slices near the entrance to keep your kitchen away from wasps, silverfish, moths and other insects. Apart from this, use diluted white vinegar to clean up the kitchen.

3. How do I get rid of bugs from my kitchen cabinets? 

Start by inspecting your cabinets. Pay special attention to food items like bread, flour, rice and other edibles. Get rid of any infested food and throw away any opened packages. Throw any food that is expired or is near to expiry. Have a habit of cleaning your shelves and cabinets once a while. You can use luke-warm soapy water or a white vinegar solution to clean the cabinets.

4. How can I get rid of cockroaches?

Cockroaches can create a lot of mess and increase the chance of many uncalled diseases. Search for their hiding spots and use a glue strip to fix them. You can also caulk to close the gaps and other hidden spots. You can also use boric acid to kill roaches and other insects.

5. How do I manage my kitchen waste?

You can easily manage your kitchen waste by segregating it regularly. Throw the leftovers immediately once you’re done eating. Maintain different garbage bins for dry, wet and general waste. And make sure you get rid of house waste regularly. Moreover, keep your kitchen clean and if you spot any stains or food crumbs, instantly clean them.

Got any new ideas for a pest-free kitchen? Great!

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