Wyze cam pan setup, issues, resolution, and its review


Wyze is have finally dropped the newest iteration of the indoor camera, much-improved version of the Wyze Cam, Wyze cam pan. Wyze’s new product lets you keep track of everything and by everything I mean everything.
This unique product dropped by Wyze is a very unique camera featuring a 1080 p HD video quality providing a viewing angle of a stunning 120 degree with the help of the wide angle lens with a 3.5 mm focal length, f 2.3 aperture, and 8X digital zoom. The 360-degree rotation make the camera get every view possible and not to mention the 90 degrees vertical movement. It can get you to monitor the entire room the camera is placed in. The camera has been integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, and IIFTTT. The 6 infrared LED built-in the camera deliver up to 30 feet of night vision.

Wyze cam pan Setup and Usage

The Wyze cam.pan setup is a very quick and painless process. First, you begin by connecting the Wyze cam pan to your Wi-Fi, and once the device is connected it will be available on the device list on your applications. By selecting it you will be able to open the cameras live stream. You can also connect it by scanning the QR code on the back of the camera, the sync happens instantly. The home screen has a very clearly laid out control panel as it has a lot of options to take videos in 1080p, take still shots, toggling the audio on and off, and operating the Push to talk feature. The pan and tilt features are also very smooth tilting the camera to a vertical range of 92 degrees and completing in entire 360 degrees within 3 seconds.

Exterior arrangement and design

The Wyze cam pan exterior is a very sleek and minimalistic design giving it a very premium appearance. Featuring a white rectangular prism with the glossy black circular camera in the front, the product in whole looks elegant. The viewing angle of 120 degrees and monitoring the room with a 360-degree view and 90 degrees of the vertical range would allow you to view an entire room without any effort.

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Artificial intelligence, Integration, Audio and Other good features on Wyze

The integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT is amazing. The artificial intelligence involving typically person detections that differentiates between people and other moving objects will provide you with the notification on your mobile phone instantly. The Wyze Pan Cam also offers smart sound recognition for alarms and smokes. The Camera also features two-way audio which means you can instantly talk to the person you see on the live stream this can be helpful if you want to talk to a person on another room through the device. The device also produces very high-quality audio which can be heard even across the entire room. It can also be used to scare away intruders who get in your store for home when you are not there. Imagine being a part of a theft at a store and white shiny box start speaking to you asking you to get out, I definitely lose my shit and leave. The major benefit in this version of the cam is its ability to turn 360° in about 3 seconds which makes it a singular standalone survey cam

wyze app

To obtain access to your device remotely you will have to use the which Wyze cam pan app which is available both for IOS and Android users on the apple in Google play store. With the help of the Wyze App you will be able to view the live stream footage, video history, still shots, two-way audio with the Push to talk feature, and create time lapses also. In other words, it’s a gateway to your Wyze device on the run.

Wyze Camera pan review

The Wyze cam pan provides extremely high-quality videos, crisp audios, advanced security features and makes it very user-friendly with the help of the Wyze cam pan app. But according to me the most powerful spike about the product is its value sitting at $30 only the Wyze cam pan is an absolute security camera in the current market.


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