6 Facts about a Bengali Wedding


A Bengali Wedding can be of many sorts but most importantly what makes it different is their unusual cultural diversities. There are a few things that only happen in the banquet halls in Kolkata. Which include a vast variety of facts that nurture the occasion of today’s marriage of all. 

Facts that classify a Bengali Wedding into a completely different genre is the typical type and beauty of the big and grand day. Sophistication and elegance rolled up into a single barrel of choice, that is what happens at a banquet hall in Kolkata. 


  • Airobubhat over Bachelorette

Bengali weddings have a completely different sort of Bachelorette that includes a lot and lots of food. Yeah, by food we mean a really elaborate lunch treat at almost every relatives house. Anf, lastly on the day before the wedding both the bride and the groom are given a grand treat by their individual families. 

No this party is dry without any alcohol or booze. But it has the warmth and love of a bengali Wedding at the grand Banquet halls in Kolkata. 


  • Ashirbad instead of Saghai

Bengali weddings do not have Saghai, Roka or engagement. They have the function known as Ashirbad that includes similar atrocities but between in exchange of the bride and her in-laws. In Saghai, the exchange is between the bride and the groom.

Whereas this exchange is between the bride and her opposite in-laws. They bless their daughter in law with presents like gold, jewelries or even cash. Not necessarily in the banquet halls in Kolkata, but mostly celebrated in a house. 

  • Grand trousseau from the Groomside

Yes, not only from the bride’s side. In Bengali wedding tradition the groom also has to send a huge trousseau for the bride’s family and herself as well. 

Mostly, during the haldi ceremony that happens on the wedding day itself. The Groomside sends gifts to the banquet halls in Kolkata ir to the bride’s house. 

  • Wedding after the dusk

Bengali weddings supposedly happen after the sun has left the sky. The banquet halls in Kolkata have the major crowd reception in the evening or at night. Bengali weddings typically have ritualistic “lagnas”.

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By “lagna” we mean, they have a perfect timing for the wedding. Either in the evening between 7 PM to 9:30 PM. Or the night “lagna” of 10 PM to even 1:30 PM. 


  • Vidae on the next day

Rest of the Indian cultures have their wedding video on the same day right after the function is over. But a Bengali wedding stands really different out here. They have their video on the next day. 

But here stands a twist because there is a small division in the banquet halls in Kolkata. Few Bengali Wedding belongs to the ghoti community, have their vidae in the morning of the next day whereas the other bangal community have their vidae in the evening of the next day. 


  • Extra day for Bou-bhat

A Bengali Wedding has two extra treats for a marriage function. The banquet halls in Kolkata usually have five separate days of booking for the wedding day. Firstly, an extra bonus day before the wedding day, which is similar to other cultures that have sangeet. But a Bengali Wedding has their traditional aiburobhat the day before. 

What makes it completely different from other genres of Wedding is the occasion after the wedding function in the banquet halls in Kolkata. That is Known to be a Bou-bhat or bridal reception party. The function happens a day after the wedding. Right after the vidai, which happens on the next day Bou-bhat is organised a day after it. 

These facts are most important which makes a Bengali Wedding completely different from other Weddings in India. The extra dose of cultural diversity and the inclusive events and details prioritise a wedding function and intensifies the interest of a bengali Wedding at a banquet hall in Kolkata. 


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