Dubrovnik: Croatia’s Most Beautiful City


If you’ve ever been to Croatia, you know that Dubrovnik is the most attractive city, not only in the country but arguably throughout Europe. Famous for its panoramic seafront location, combined with its reminiscent and historic city center, it is no surprise that most tourists consider this amazing city the number one summer vacation spot. With such a wealth of attractions to offer visitors, there is enough to keep you entertained throughout your stay. Let us look at reasons why the “Pearl of the Adriatic” is the most magical city in Croatia.

The city walls
One of the standout features that will strike you about Dubrovnik is the famous city walls that have protected the town from as far back as the 7th century. These formidable structures have been modified over the centuries and stand at around six meters high, with a thickness of six meters. Spanning about two kilometers long, the majestic Dubrovnik city walls serve as the ideal setting for a casual walk and offer excellent views of the Adriatic. On the two highest points of the wall, Mincenta and Boker Towers, you get an unforgettable view of the old city center. The city walls are a favorite for visitors because you get to see all the best spots.

Stradun of Dubrovnik
The magnificent Stradun is a boiling point of culture where locals and guests alike converge to watch as the world drifts by. Arguably the most scenic pedestrian thoroughfare in Europe, the Stradun features a number of classy cafes and diners, while making for the best spot to kick back and relax after a day-long tour of the city. A nice white limestone paving stretches the whole 300 meters of the street which dates back to 1468. You also get to see some of the oldest Croatia property with a majority of the buildings around having been built in the 17th century. 

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The cuisine
Dubrovnik is a culturally rich town which can be seen in the diverse Croatian cuisine that has been influenced by the different cultures around. Get to savor some of the most palatable dishes in the country and accompany them with a soothing drink. You can try the Kuien, a sweet and spicy sausage that is a favorite among visitors, or the famous and hugely popular Zagorski Štruklji. Resorts here also serve Italian-style and seafood pizzas and you get to have a taste of the smooth brandy made from fresh figs, grapes, plums, and herbs. There is a wide variety of food and drinks to make for the perfect culinary adventure.

The islands
There is nothing more thrilling than discovering a city from the crystal clear and colorful Mediterranean waters. Dubrovnik is in close proximity to amazing island gems that are begging to be explored. A good example is the beautiful island of Lokrum, which is just about an hour away by boat. In the middle of Lokrum, you’ll come across a crater lake that you can go in for a dip without having to worry about disturbances. The setting of the island is serene with peacocks strolling around, offering you an enticing raw and up close interaction with nature.


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