Things to Know before Traveling to Sweden with Qatar Airways


Sweden is famous for its bustling markets, historic buildings, elegant houses, and luxury yachts. The country offers a unique mix of modern ambiance coupled with traditional architecture. Coming here is not only about eating food or exploring the sights, but it is also about experiencing its way of life. Here, equality is valued, and even the small animals are given official rights.

The culture of Sweden is diverse. Apart from witnessing the modern couples, you will also see the conservative residents who do not like to indulge in the frivolities of life.  If you are aspiring to come here with Qatar Airways flight booking, you just need to know the following things about Sweden for a hassle-free experience.

1.    Swedes Are Amazingly Hospitable

You must have heard it thousands of times that nobody can compete with the Swedes when it comes to generosity and loveliness. All the people will talk to you politely and will offer assistance in the time of need. Whether you want to ask for directions or are planning a trip to an unknown place, the people will guide you thoroughly to ensure that your endeavors go without a hitch. Indeed, Swedes love it when foreigners visit their souls. They believe that foreigners dignify the status of the country by visiting it.

2.    Swedes Take the Glass Very Seriously

People in Sweden love glassworks. It is also the reason you will see lots of glass buildings and architecture in the county. The Kingdom of Crystal is located in southern Sweden and is home to over 13 glassworks, including famous brands like Orrefors and Kosta Boda. Here, you can also observe the adroit craftsmen transforming the molten glass into beautiful crystals. On top of that, each city in the country has glass points where the tourists can try painting and engraving glass. Lastly, if you fall in love with any of the artwork, you can also buy it in affordable prices.

3.    Cofee is Life in Sweden

Fika is a type of Swedish coffee and all the people in the country are mad for it. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will soon be familiar with this highly-desired item. It is generally served with sweet cookies or biscuits. Once you experience its taste, you will also fall in love with it. It can be bought from almost all the restaurants that are spread throughout the country. Surprisingly, though the item has a huge demand, it is till sold at much lower rates. Stockholm is the hub of Fika, and you will get different tastes of it in this city.

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4.    Cash Is Not Always Accepted

Since Sweden is a technologically developed country, therefore a number of places have got rid of accepting cash. Rather, they ask you for a card or cryptocurrency. So, it is not always better to rush off to the bank to withdraw cash. So, while you roam around the streets, you will not be surprised to see “cash not accepted” signs behind bars and shopping outlets. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep the bank cards in your pockets. The country is so advanced that some people have implanted a microchip in their hands, only pay all kinds of bills. However, if you want to save some cash, you should certainly prefer booking the cheap flights tickets from an affordable airline.

5.    The Sun does not really set in summer

If you visit Sweden in summers, you will be surprised to witness the sun does not really set in summer. The summer days are exceedingly long, with sun rising at 3:30 am and then setting at 10:30 at night. Actually, the long days are blessing in disguise for the tourists as they would have more time to explore the beauty of Sweden. The long day hours also means you can capture as many photos as you want. The only pitfall of such long days is things can go awry when you return to your home at 10 pm and the sun is still shining in the sky.

6.    Beware of Pickpockets

Like almost all the countries in the world except the Arab countries where the punishment for theft is severe, the culture is pick pocketing is rife in Sweden. The pickpockets hunt for the victims in crowded places because catching them among so many people is nearly impossible. Nonetheless, there is also no need to panic. You just need to be careful of anyone who might be coming very close to you. When you go to the busy area, put your bag in front of you body. Similarly, in the hotels, never leave the valuable items out of your sight.


Just pay heed to the aforementioned things and you are ready to shine in the atmosphere of Sweden. You can visit to get the flight tickets for Sweden at low rates.


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