Powdered eggs for emergency food supply


Due to the numerous benefits that eggs can bring, it should be introduced to the daily diet staple. And powdered eggs are good alternative to fresh ones as its shelf life may last up to 2 years. It also seen as a complete source of protein, at the same rank as milk or meat.
Powdered eggs: its benefits for health
As powdered eggs are eggs, they are a great source of high- quality protein because they also have all nine essential amino acids, the one that human ‘bodies cannot synthesize. In fact, eggs can supply 6 grams of protein per serving and an important dose of important vitamins and minerals. Among these last, there is the choline which is recognized to support the cells and keep the fluent functioning of the liver. Besides, powdered eggs contain selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and zinc, iron and copper. As it is high standardized powdered egg, Igreca, egg product, frozen egg also bring fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. But there are some brand of eggs which gather omega-3 fatty acids. Otherwise, the egg white contains half the protein of an egg, and egg yolks are calories and fat richer than the whites.
Powdered egg, what is it?
Powdered egg is fully dehydrated egg. Generally, they are made in a spray dryer before being pasteurized. But some industries can use other process such as freezing as Igreca do. Some powdered egg contains both white and yolk egg. But some brand only use white eggs or yolk eggs. The powdered egg was first invented in 1942 to fix the shortage of fresh egg during Second World War. Otherwise, powdered egg is constituted of only one ingredient and is additives free.
Why incorporate powdered eggs for emergency supply
In order to prevent fresh egg break up, using powdered egg as alternative seems to be smarter. And it is not because it has been first used during wartime that we argue that it is intelligent to use it instead of fresh egg. In fact, powdered egg are easy to stock and does not necessarily need a fridge. Generally, they can be kept refrigerated up to 2 years and a half for the highest quality after opening. But it is not the only reason that should convince to majority to use powdered eggs for emergency supply. In fact, this specific product can be used in infinite way whether you are good or bad cooker. This is a special ingredient that is easy to use and especially that is quick to prepare. Everyone can handle it as it has just to be rehydrated with water or milk. For instance, they can be introduced to the batter for your cakes, donuts, bretzel, cookies, pastas, to some special drinks or used to make omelets, scrambled eggs, etc. and the other recipes that generally requires egg.
How to choose the powdered egg’s rating
When you go to the market to search for some fresh egg, many take special care of the different types of eggs from which to choose. This is exactly what happens when you want to shop some powdered eggs. Remember that the type and the origin of the powdered egg that you choose will affect directly the taste of these frozen or dehydrated egg while adding them to the different recipes you are about to prepare. It is also important to make the best choice while going to the grocery for shopping your favorite brand of powdered egg in order to avoid the product that does not fit to your own allergies or your family member’s. In fact, some people do not tolerate GMO and as some brand of powdered egg produces egg with organic and GMO substitutes, you should know the right brand with the right product that fits to your health. You then have to take in organic and GMO-free powdered egg. And of course, the last but not least criteria to consider at the grocery’s shelves remains the price of the powdered egg you may buy. As there are actually many companies that produce powdered egg, better be faithful to the brand that you are familiar with, whatever its price.

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