5 Tips to Keep You Fit Despite the Corona Blackout


Closed gyms and sold out ready meals – with these prospects we will soon diverge like pudding in the Corona crisis. The craziest videos of well-trained muscle protectors are rife on the net, and after a few weeks of curfews or domestic quarantine they look like the Michelin man.

But it doesn’t have to be. Because even if there is actually a curfew in Germany, there are ways to stay in shape. Without hunger, with delicious and healthy nutrition.

We’ll tell you how here.

For your understanding: Anyone who has allegedly had contact with Corona-positive people will be sent into quarantine at home by the health department and must not leave the apartment for at least two weeks. Our sports tips are intended for you here. Provided they feel fit and have no symptoms. Infected people who are in quarantine should of course not – as always when you are ill – exercise. If in doubt, speak to your doctor beforehand.

  1. Healthy everyday corona with home training

There is still no nationwide curfew (as of March 20, 2020), so we can use the nice weather to stretch our legs outside – if possible on our own. Go jogging, cycling or in lining, take a short hike or take a long walk. You can soak up vitamin D in the fresh air and strengthen your immune system before everyone really can stay inside.

Important: Do not meet up for running clubs or competitions and try to keep the recommended safety distance of two meters from passers-by. If you need entertainment while jogging, you can simply put on wireless headphones (here at Amazon) and listen to music or make calls.

When the curfew is there, you can still leave the house to do sports alone (see current regulation in Bavaria). After all, exercise in the fresh air is good for the immune system. You can also pick up your daily portion of fitness at home.

There are lots of exercises for home training. Usually you only need your own body weight and some space to move around freely.

  1. Healthy everyday corona with yoga

Yoga is one of the sports that can be practically practiced anywhere. Grab a yoga mat or an old sleeping pad and stretch your neck to salute the sun.

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The great thing about yoga is that you not only improve your posture and become more flexible, you also relax. And that’s exactly what is extremely important in Corona times.

Pay attention to your breathing and practice meditating on the side. This brings you more in tune with yourself, so that small worries like empty toilet paper shelves will no longer bring you to one hundred and eighty.

  1. Healthy everyday life with Wii Sports

Anyone who says that gaming makes you fat has never tried fitness consoles like the Wii Sports. There are countless sports simulations that really put you in a good mood. You either play solo against a virtual opponent or you challenge your partner or roommate to a duel.

There is no lack of variety. The living room can mutate into a tennis court, boxing studio or bowling alley at the push of a button. In a playful way, you may also get your kids to exercise more and reduce excess energy.

  1. Healthy everyday corona with a balanced diet

Sure, ready-made meals, pasta and canned food can be stored almost indefinitely and therefore go away like hot cakes in the corona crisis. We also copied it from zombie films.

In truth, there is no reason for such hamster purchases. The warehouses are full, there is constant replenishment and – more importantly – the supermarkets remain open. Even if there is a curfew. So we will continue to go shopping.

Then why not cook healthy? Buy fresh fruits and vegetables, there are plenty of them in supermarkets. A balanced diet is essential to stay fit.

  1. Healthy everyday corona with detoxification

Why not use the curfew to become even healthier than before? Treat yourself and your body to a purifying fasting regimen and reset your digestive tract. You don’t have to overdo it right away. A single detox day can do really well.

Maybe you also use the break from everyday life to break bad habits. Quitting smoking could be easier than usual during the Corona period. After all, the notorious party smoking is now falling flat, so you won’t be tempted so quickly.


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