How To Crack Secured PDF File Document For Free?


For most of us, PDF files are very important in many different ways. Many users are protecting these PDF files with a password for safety reasons. Usually, this password is called User Password. Only those individuals who know the password can access these documents.

Also, the owner may prevent certain records, documents from being locked via the owner’s password to avoid others from making any edits or copying or even printing particular PDF files. You may need free techniques to unlock protected pdf files in instances like this. So this article provides you the methods on How To Crack Secured PDF File Document For Free?

PDF files are particularly helpful for papers such as magazine articles, product brochures or flyers where you want the initial graphic appearance to be preserved online. There are one or more page pictures in a PDF file, each of which you can zoom in or out of. You can page back and forth.

Benefits of PDF Files:

  1. Maintenance of document format.hyperlinks
  2. The ubiquitous format is there.
  3. Having a small file size as compared to other formats.
  4. The file is protected by a password.
  5. It can easily be integrated into images, hyperlinks, etc.

First of all, it is necessary to see how pdf encrypts internally. There are two types of methods as shown below:

  1. Open Password
  2. User Password

Open Password: It is the first key to access your pdf file and also used to open your entire PDF. If you forget the password to open pdf then you lost the permission to see the pdf content.

User Password: This password can prevent unwilling copying or editing any pdf document. If there a user password already place then the viewer can only read the document there is no permission to edit it.

Lets going towards the methods or techniques to crack secure PDF File document for Free.

Free Methods:

  1. By Google Drive
  1. First of all, open Google Chrome and then go to on your web browser. Log in to your Google Drive and a page will open. If you logged out google drive then again log in by entering email id and password.
  • Drag the PDF file to Google Drive now. This will add your Google Drive PDF file. Alternatively, you can press New in your Google Drive Window’s top-right corner. Choose your PDF file by pressing File Upload and then click OK to upload it.
  • Double-click your current Google Drive PDF file. You can open the PDF in Google Chrome by doing this. If you have a password locked your PDF, you will need to fill in the password and then click Submit to view its contents.
  • After opening the PDF file, click Ctrl+P (for Windows). The window for printing appears.
  • Now, click Change under the “Destination” situated on Google Chrome’s left side. Appears the menu.
  • On the menu, press Save as PDF in the menu titled “Select a Destination” under the title “Local Options.”
  • Press the Save key. You can download the PDF file to your PC as an insecure file after you have accomplished so. You can now print, edit, and copy the information from the PDF file.
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By Adobe Acrobat

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat’s paid version, which is Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  2. Click the option File situated in the window’s top-left corner. You may have a drop-down prompted to you when you click it. Click Open under File.
  3. Double click on the pdf file that you are opening.
  4. Because the file is password-protected, kindly ensure that you provide the password when it is requested. Click the Ok button then.
  5. Click on the lock icon on the left-hand side.
  6. By clicking on it there is a security setting comes up open it and clicks on the permission details.
  7. Now click on the security method there is a dropdown list where you have to select Password security.
  8. Under the dropdown select no security option.
  9. You will have to write don the pdf password of your own to unlock your pdf.
  10.  Now click on OK twice and then you have unlocked your pdf.


These are the best method to crack secure pdf file documents for free. The above-mentioned software will be best for individuals who want to instantly unlock PDF files as this software most often effectively decrypts a PDF file. You can use any one of the above methods whichever you want to use. Hopefully, these methods will help you to solve your issue. For more information, You can visit the blog of Cigati.


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