Dr. Dabber CBD Cartridge & Battery Combo – Original Blend Review


The Dr. Dabber CBD Cartridge & Battery Combo has a combination of a robust flavor collection and lower draw resistance. This makes them stand out in a market that’s flooded with competitors.

Dr. Dabber has been in the business of CBD, and now they’ve introduced an extensive collection of cartridges and batteries for clients to select from. Clients can choose the cartridges or batteries individually, or you can buy them as a combo. This is a beautiful set of alternatives since vapers with a 510 battery can only purchase the cartridge. If you don’t have the battery, then you can buy the combo package and then buy the CBD vape Pen cartridge independently whenever you want a refill.

The bundle comprises one original blend CBD cart, a rechargeable battery, and a USB charger. The product also contains a universal battery, an excellent complement to the Dr. Dabber distillate cart. There is a 510 cart battery that is calibrated for the heating component. However, the battery can be utilized with any 510 threaded carts. It’s ideal for up to 50 users on a single charge, sufficient to handle a basic 500 mg cart.

It’s a convenient unit that is designed to benefit all types of vapers. Other CBD firms such as Medix and Choice, offer you a disposable CBD pen that is suitable all-in-one structure. However, replacing them is expensive. Dr. Dabber’s wide variety of alternatives is more affordable for users because they offer users a reusable battery that doesn’t have to be changed.

Types of flavor

  • Robust
  • Fresh
  • Citrus
  • Regular

Features and its design

Dr. Dabber batteries have a basic design, and for this reason, they don’t stand out in the market apart from the vivid color collection. The four colors relate to the available flavors and add a tremendous tough to flair to these batteries. They also tend to be more functional than those disposable vape pens since they come with three different voltage settings instead of one. That offers the users an alternative to customers their vaping sessions to their preference. While these batteries can’t compare to the 510 batteries, they do a great job.

The CBD vape cartridges are perfectly designed since they feature a mouthpiece made of glass, and this is always a perfect option. They come with a full opening that assists in facilitating the flow of air. This allows the vapers to enjoy the vapor from the CBD vape juice while experiencing little draw resistance. Generally, the CBD batteries and cartridges are neatly designed products separately, making a combo package that comprises a good deal.

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Vapor quality and performance

Each cartridge is designed in a concentration of of250 mg. This is ideal for the majority of users, but individuals who use CBD vape oil for medical purposes may find that concentration very low. That implies that the carts and batteries are designed for casual CBD users and not heavy users. Irrespective of the type of vaper you want to be, you’ll love the collection of flavors accessible since they’re a bit dissimilar from the norm. Instead of the infrequently overwhelming desert and fruit flavors offered by various CBD companies, these flavors are more esoteric and delicate.

Currently, there’re four choices to choose from, and all of them don’t have even one dominating flavor note. Instead of that, they offer a great intermixing of different subtle flavors. For instance, the blandly recognized original flavor provides a subtle fruity flavor that is not overwhelming. On the other hand, the vague flavor called the Robust has a delightfully earthy flavor that you might not have tasted in any CBD cart before. If you’re one of the users who purchase carts for flavors, then you will not be disappointed with the collection of flavors offered.


  • Allows the user to customize a unique vaping experience
  • They are more functional due to the three voltage settings
  • Users don’t experience draw resistance since the device has a full opening


  • Not ideal for people using cannabis for medical purposes due to the low concentration


The CBD cartridge by Dr. Dabber can favorably compete with the best 510 CBD carts. That’s because they provide optimum convenience and subtle flavor collection, and this helps you to enjoy vaping your CBD juice. This is among the few companies that offer users a chance to buy the cartridges in a comb package together with a 510 battery.

For this reason, users won’t have to worry about purchasing the cart and battery separately when they don’t have one. The flavors are fantastic because they are subtle and distinctive at the same time.


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