Here’s How Real Estate Marketing Professional Can Write an Excellent Email


General blogs, write-ups or videos no longer entice your audience. They look for personalized recommendations, offers, products, and articles. And if you own a real estate business then you can’t rule your customer’s trust with a general message. An email in this context plays a powerful role. It lands straight to the customer’s inbox, and if it’s professionally crafted then it wins the leads. That’s the power of an email.

According to Hubspot research, email converts 40 times more leads into customers than the combined power of Twitter and Facebook. 

So, before you send an email you need to make sure the context is fine, accurate and in line with the subject. You’ve to spend your time writing an email that clicks your audience. If you don’t know how here are some tips that will help you to glean Can exceptional email.

Let’s follow:

1.  Subject Line  

Your subject line decides whether your email deserves to be open or left untouched. It’s the introduction of your email body. By only reading the subject line, your target audience can predict what would be the context of your email body.

Take your time in thinking about the simple yet catchy subject line for your email and make sure you don’t make any typos. For the real estate audience, the perfect headline is the one which addresses the property dealing issues.

2.  Don’t Make an Impression of Selling your Services

80% of the audience drop the email when they realize that you’re bragging about your business and selling your services. Instead of selling your services, try to educate your readers. For example, if you have Toronto luxury condos for sale, then educate people about the benefits of living in a condo.

First, make their mind about the condo then direct it to the available condos you have in your listings. This will gradually make their mind for the available properties of your real estate mind and this is what the successful real estate marketers do with the email. 

3.  Personalized your Message

With your real estate website, you can collect customer’s data and deal with their requirements accordingly. Instead of sending your former and present clients your regular newsletter, send them personal emails that fit well to their requirements.

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A better way is to start the email by greeting their names. It shows the readers that you’re talking to them. Among hundreds of emails I received daily, I only open the one which calls out my name. This gives me the feeling that the business is offering something directly to me. If there are new Etobicoke condos for rent then only target the people who are interested in Etobicoke condos. This will generate leads soon. 

4.  Engage your Audience

Blogs, Infographics and customized offers are a great way to engage your audience with your website. When your blog is good and serves information to the readers, they get attracted to you and show interest to learn more.

You can also use an Infographic – it contains the text and images which grabs the audience’s attention quickly. By uploading the infographic on your website, you can give customers a reason to learn about you. Focus on their needs and wants like blogs on home-improvement tips, the open house invites or mortgage news. It will also make you a reliable source of information for real estate needs.

5.  Include Call to Action

If you get successful in convincing your audience with the context of an email, you can easily grab the lead by including a CTA at the end. Your email marketing work wonders when you write a catchy content with a strong call to action.

It can be an invitation to connect with your business on LinkedIn or Facebook or an invite to check the available listings. Whatever the CTA is, make sure you’re giving your audience something to click on.

Show Clarity

Your email should have clarity, so the message reaches the potential customers directly. Don’t generate emails with the software, take time to write an email, and come up with creative thoughts. Don’t overuse punctuation and sound professional while writing.

Think before you send the email, edit and proofread and make sure your content remains clear and to the point. 

With all that in mind, I hope you’re now ready to reach your target audience with an email that clicks their mind, aren’t you?


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