District One Dubai, Mohammad Bin Rashid City


The Muhammad Bin Rashid, City District includes the formation of a free land into a destination for retail and leisure, which would be surrounded by residential centers within Muhammad Bin Rashid City in Dubai. This residency is expected to be among the lowest-density residential projects throughout the world.

The first district, called District One is being made by MeydanSobha, which is a fifty-fifty joint venture between two groups, Sobha and Meydan. It is an idealistic concept of The Highness, Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He is the vice president and the prime minister of UAE. Additionally, he is the ruler of Dubai as well. The construction work was started in October 2013, and it was a project that cost 8.17 billion dollars.

The locality of Mohammad Bin Rashid City District One

The Muhammad Bin Rashid District is located at a four-minute drive from Burjkahlifa, which is approximately three kilometers away. Moreover, the Sheikh Zayed Road and the Al Khalil Road give an easy access to the Emirates Towers, Dubai International Financial Center and the Dubai Airport.

Other than that, it is located within the heart of Meydan, which gives an easy access to the race course that already exists, a nine-hole pay and play golf course, an IMAX theater, a tennis academy and the Meydan Hotel.

Mohammad Bin Rashid City District One in Detail

An area of forty-seven million square feet is covered by the site. It is going to feature 1500 villas, which would be built over 1,030 acres, whereas 600 acres would be left open. It would also include water bodies, 14lm of beaches that are man-made, and seven kilometers of crystal lagoon.

“Water bodies, seven kilometres of crystal lagoons and 14km of man-made beaches will be created.”

This lagoon, which will be made by Crystal Lagoons, will be the biggest when its kind is considered. All over the world. It will feature 90 acres of water, which will be surrounded by a broad walk, three meters wide and a beach that would be eight meters wide. However, lagoon can be accesses by any part of the District One.

Moreover, there will be a lot of sports facilities, horse riding tracks, an expansive cycling area, schools, mosques, shopping centers and a lot more of such amenities. When it comes to the entertainment facilities, it will include bistros, water front cafes, lifestyle options for retail and theatres.

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Mohammad Bin Rashid City District One- The design of the residential areas

The best part about this place will be the villas, because they will be designed using three different types of contemporary, Arabic and modern themes. It will feature around four to eight bedrooms, and a plan of more than eighteen floors. The design will offer sceneries of the fields, valleys along with woodlands. Other than that, these will be constructed and delivered in four phases.

“Minimalistic Approach of the Country Villas”

The contemporary villas will adopt an approach that will be minimal with lines that would be straight and would feature strip windows. All the designs will be made in such a way that they will provide serene, interactive and large spacious areas. The color theme of the visual palette would be organized using organic materials and different hues of the shades of grey in a bid so that they provide clear, and indistinctive backgrounds.

The Mediterranean will be a combination of the Mediterranean style and the architecture of Europe. All the wooden arches and columns will be decorated by the Motifs of the Mediterranean. All the villas will take care of all the particular things such as providing privacy, enough views of the back yards outside, and the exterior parts will be decorated using the modern and superior finishes of the stoned structures of the walls. Three themes will be used in the color palette. They will be the earth, the seas and the blooming side of the country.

The villas depict the contemporary architecture of the Arabs and they will also feature the designs of Arabia. Hence, they will be just like the modern villas of Arab designs. They will be made in such a way that they would give a sense of relaxation and pleasure. The villas will have two different entrances each. One entrance will be for the residents of the villa and the other would be for the guests to use. The family entrance of the villas will enter the rooms directly and the need to pass the guest area and halls will not be required. The color theme and palate has been inspired by nature. It has gold sand dunes and many different shades of beige from the tones of the woods.


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