What materials are billiard balls made of?


Have you always wondered what material billiard balls are made of? Here we solve your doubt! In this post, we will focus on the characteristics of the materials of the billiard r, more specifically in bakelite, the material that makes up the billiard balls. In addition, we are going to tell you how this material can affect your game form so that it is of higher quality. Are you going to miss it? Let’s start!

Bakelite, the material from which billiard balls are made

The Bakelite is a plastic substance known as one of the most important materials that shape billiard balls. Its resistance to heat, the economy of its price and its high degree of resistance to shocks are values ​​that make it an essential element in the entire Devessport billiards guide. If you are fond of billiards, we invite you to visit our website and take a look at the characteristics that define our billiards. What are you waiting to discover them?

Heat resistance, an intact figure!

Have you ever touched a billiard ball after playing? Surely yes! As you have been able to verify on some occasions, the ball can be a tad warm due to the constant blows it receives and this leads us to wonder … If it is made of resin, why does it not melt? Well, this is because it has very high heat resistance. So you can keep the properties and shape of the ball intact without fear of being deformed while we are playing with it. Isn’t it fantastic?

Easy cleaning, they get less dirty!

In the past, billiard balls were made from ivory, a material in which dirt was noticeably visible and very difficult to remove. However, with the appearance of bakelite, everything is much easier! Nowadays this material is much more hidden when it comes to the accumulation of dirt. It can be easily cleaned by a pool table felt cleaner as well.

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Thanks to a special shine applied to the ball, it is practically invisible to see the dirt. In addition, its cleaning mode is quite simple, simply passing a cloth will be enough to make the ball shine again. Incredible true?

Shock resistance, durability assured!

Who has never played pool with the extreme caution that the ball does not fly out of the air? Well, there is no need to worry! Although they may seem like a fragile item, billiard balls are made of a material that is completely shock resistant. Bakelite gives the balls enough protection they need to withstand the constant collisions with each other and the hard blows they receive from the friction of the billiard cue. This guarantees total security during the game and its high resistance will provide you with durability for many years.

Low price, easy to manufacture!

One of the main characteristics that define bakelite as an indisputable material for making billiard balls is its low price. Therefore, it can be perfectly adapted to the design and manufacture of billiard balls. It is in this elaboration process where the ball is given added values ​​such as its circumference, which must be perfectly spherical for a perfect rolling on the billiard table to guarantee a perfect game.

You already know what material the billiard balls are made of! Do you have any doubt?

Now that you know all the qualities of Bakelite, what are you waiting for to start a game? We would love to know if we have resolved your doubts, and if you have any more, do not think about it, ask us in the comments! We are at your entire disposal!

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