10 Apps To Help You Block Social Media Distractions


What is the first thing you do the minute you wake up? Most of us check our phones for notifications from social media sites. This habit not only disconnects you from kickstarting a fresh day but also disappoints your real-world loved ones.

And our kids are also imitating this life and becoming social media addicts. Although social media addiction is very difficult to overcome, with the usage of social media block apps one can limit his screen time and get back to his normal life.

Are you juggling between your work and social media addiction? Help yourself by breaking social media distractions with this list of apps.tame your children’s social media obsession and make them value real life.

Bit Guardian Parental Control

The best social media blocker app you can use to improve your kid’s overall performance. This app offers a simple user interface and effective features.

  • Restrict kid’s screen-life with various screen time control features.
  • Parents can block all social media apps on a child’s phone.
  • With this app, you can be a pro-parent and restrict your kids from downloading any new social app from the play store.
  • You can set a fixed number of hours to use any specific apps.
  • Stop your kid’s late-night social media sessions by blocking his device entirely at night time!
  • It’s a wholesome parental control system that offers many other features to monitor a child’s online activities.
  • Do you want to block social media on an android phone? Download this app now!

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Offtime blocks social media and other apps with its exciting features. It is a significantly famous app to limit social media use and stay focused. The app works as a wake-up call for kids and helps parents to block social media on a child’s phone.

  • The app shows how many hours the user has used his device daily.
  • A simple interface and easy to operate the app.
  • Invite your friends and help them block social media distractions.

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Are you searching the best app to block social media on an android phone? Famiguard is all you need. It is a parental control app with versatile features.

  • Famiguard offers the total usage details of the target device (generally kids device).
  • You can block all the social apps with this productivity booster app.
  • No rooting is required to install this social media blocker app.

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App block

It is an ultimate app to limit social media use and to block disturbing social websites. With this app, the user can eliminate all the distractions and can focus on priority works.

  • Users can temporarily block the app or website.
  • Set an app or website usage time limit every day.
  • You can block social media on android phones with this app’s easy to use functions.

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The next on our list of apps to limit social media use is FocusMe.This app is very well known to boost productivity and to increase self-control.

  • As a time tracker app it can track your daily device activities.
  • Apart from this it also works as a  social media block app that can instantly block all the addictive apps and make you learn self-control.
  • It comes with user-friendly features specifically designed to limit your social media use.
  • Planning to restart the device just to have a glance at your Facebook account? Don’t even think about that! This social media block app will not allow you to re-set.

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Famisafe is a potential parental control app that also works as an effective social media block app. Count it in the list of top amazing apps to limit social media use.

  • It helps you to block social media on a child’s phone by blocking apps and contents of social media websites.
  • Monitors the target device and its online activities.
  • It controls the app usage by your kids and blocks their access to negative content.

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Are you looking to block Facebook or any other social site strictly? Antisocial is a potent app to limit social media use. It has a superb user interface and quite attractive features to block social media on android phone.

  • Tracks your cell phone usage and gives your timely reminder to limit social media usage.
  • It is a battery-friendly app that blocks social media apps on android.
  • Offers comprehensive customer support for users.

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Digital Detox

A powerful app to block social media on a child’s phone. Even adults can learn digital detox by using this app.

  • Permits limited access to your device to block social media on an android phone.
  • It offers a device usage schedule.

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Screen Time

Are you searching for a dedicated app to limit social media use? Screen time will never disappoint you. Now you can block social media and reconnect to your real life with the help of this app.

  • Set daily weekly and monthly app usage periods.
  • Set different time limits for different apps and effectively limit your social media usage.

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Block social media on android phones with the Appdetox app. You can calm down your device usage by restricting app usage. Lock your apps and unlock your productivity!

  • It blocks social media apps on the android device and helps to relax your device usage.
  • On violation of the app’s rules, get reminders and stop heavy app usage.
  • Keep track of your device activities in the log.

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Do you want to get back to your real world’s connections? Do you want to improve your productivity and overall life quality? Use social media block apps and calm down your virtual social media world.


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