Raglan Tees – From Their Sleeve Variations to Ultimate Cost


What is a raglan tee? If your answer is a baseball t-shirt, then you are not wrong. Baseball players wear raglan or baseball tee under a team jersey, and it is where a raglan tee got its name. The name knows the raglan tee of a raglan tee because it features a raglan sleeve. There are six popular variations for a raglan sleeve. Here are those variations for you:

  1. Straight Seam: It is the original seam for a raglan tee, and it runs from the underarm to the curve corners of a round neckline. An example of a straight seam raglan t-shirt is Next Level Youth CVC 3/4-Sleeve Raglan Tee.
  • Semi-Raglan: Semi-raglan sleeve looks great on people who want to show off their shoulders with many definitions, semi-raglan begins at the underarm with less of a curve and hit on the shoulder rather than a neckline.
  • Raglan Yoke: Raglan yoke sleeve expands from the underarm crosswise the chest, over the bust, and continues to the other end.
  • Zero Raglan: In a zero raglan, the seam starts at the underarm as expected, and rises to hit at the point where the neckline and shoulder combine.
  • Raglan Gathered: In raglan gathered, the seam is stitched in a way, where there are folds between the shoulder and the stitching.
  • Saddle: This seam curves aesthetically, begins at the underarm, curves, and then runs parallel to the shoulder before ending in the corner of the neckline’s curve.

There are five functional benefits of a raglan sleeve that are mentioned below:

  1. Raglan sleeve gives a natural and flexible shoulder movement.
  2. The lack of constricting shoulder seam.
  3. Raglan sleeve easily accommodates a variety of different body shapes and sizes.
  4. Raglan sleeve gives its wearer a sporty and casual look.
  5. Raglan sleeve can be paired with a variety of clothing items.

The Raglan T-Shirt Is More Than Just a Tee:

Today, many celebrities prefer wearing a raglan tee because of its artistic look. The raglan t-shirts have evolved from t-shirts to raglan sweaters and sweatshirts, and the credit of this thing goes to the designers. Nowadays, raglan pullovers and cardigans are also in. Among all of the clothing items following the style of the raglan sleeve, the raglan sweaters are very much popular owing to their comfort.

Where Does Price Factor Stand for a Raglan Tee?

There is no doubt that raglan t-shirts are trendy, yet these t-shirts are available for wholesale prices, so low budget people can also experience the feel of a raglan tee. Some of the best brands in the U.S. (United States) are making raglan tees, and those tees are available at wholesale prices. Brands that are manufacturing raglan tees include Champion, Gildan, Next Level, Anvil, and Bella Canvas.

The Secret behind the Importance of Wearing Dress Shirts

Do you know about the most important thing about men’s personality? It is the look (appearance) of a man. You may have often heard: “The First Impression Is the Last Impression.” If a man’s personality does not impress the person in front, then such a man cannot earn the respect of the others. Therefore, formal dressing matters a lot. Dress shirt and dress pants both matter; however, according to psychology: A man wearing a formal dress can be in an eye-contact with the person in-front; if it happens, then the interacting person’s eyes will first gaze at the dress shirt that the man is wearing. It means: Dress shirts are seen first, then dress pants. So, dress shirts are given more importance to dress pants in terms of psychology.

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As a man, you may be after a variety of dress shirts to look different to others day in day out. Wearing a dress shirt is indeed a part of man’s personality, but the question is: What kind of a dress shirt usually men prefer? Loose-fitting dress shirts are generally preferred by men in the U.S. (United States). Athletic fit and regular fit dress shirts are common among men; however, most men go after a regular fit dress shirt over an athletic fit shirt, as regular fit tees are slightly looser in fit than athletic fit tees. You will find lots of regular fit t-shirts to order online, but one dress shirt that is grabbing the attention of men nowadays on the internet in the U.S. is Van Heusen Men’s Dress Shirt Regular Fit Oxford Solid.

How Many Dress Shirts Should a Man Own?

If you are somehow associated with the business world, then one thing is obvious that you need dress shirts. However, a question comes to one mind: How many dress shirts should I own? You should own as many dress shirts as you can. Switching dress shirts daily on a basis means that you give importance to cleanliness. Moreover, if you remain clean all day; then, the business people interacting with you will give you esteem. As a result, your personality will be developed positively.

Why Should You Wear Dress Shirts with Different Colors?

Colors have meanings, and if you research; then, you will uncover that there is the psychology behind colors. For instance, “blue” color means loyalty, “white” color is a symbol of peace, and “red” color represents passion. So, a man should wear a dress shirt that reflects his personality well.

Some Thoughts in the End…

Let us wrap up our discussion. Men in the U.S. go to the office five days a week, as the weekend is for rest; so, as a man, you should own at least five dress shirts for a week with different colors to make a different statement to your boss and colleagues every day. The more statements you make on weekdays, the more your boss and colleagues will be impressed. So, making an impression in your office has significance. In a nutshell, dress shirts reflect the personality of a man, so be well-dressed and dress appropriately.


Raglan t-shirt is more than just a baseball t-shirt. The six popular variations of the raglan sleeve are Straight seam, semi-raglan, raglan yoke, zero raglans, raglan gathered, and saddle. The best benefit of a raglan t-shirt is that it gives you freedom for movement. Raglan tees are also popular among celebrities these days. Last of all, raglan t-shirts of renowned American brands are available for a low price online.


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