Hidden Phone Tracker for Business Monitoring


The businesspersons around the world have been using tracking apps to monitor workers and business operations. The app enables them to prevent their workers from unnecessary processes and wrongdoings. It allows employers to supervise usage of company-owned mobile phone devices with an aim to monitor and boost employee productivity. In this article we have reviewed the best hidden phone tracker app for businesses.

Role of Monitoring and Tracking Software in Business

The employers can take support of monitoring and tracking software to supervise their workers, improve motivation and productivity, and protect company assets.Once the company-owned mobile phone devices are installed with the app, they can be monitored and operated remotely. The hidden phone spy app comes with a web portal through which the targeted devices can be operated. The tracker app also acts as online storage app and lets you create online backup of data stored on the mobile phones used by workers.

What canhidePhone Tracker App Do?

The app lets you witness activities performed on the targeted mobile phone without letting anyone know. Given are the features of the best hidden android monitoring app of TheOneSpy.

Watch Out Social Media

The app lets you evaluate the performance of your social media management team. You can track popular social media marking platforms including Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. The conversations made by your workers with co-workers and clientscan be monitored to prevent any misconduct. The app also allows watching out instant messengers including WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber, IMO, Hangout, Tinder, Telegram and Kik. Thesurveillance of these messengers allows supervising communication of workers to prevent them from harassments and bad behavior.

SMS Tracker

The default messaging apps can be monitored to keep a check on employees’ conversations. The hidden surveillance app creates online backup of messages received and transmitted by the target phone. It also syncs SMS logs to provide with contact information of message senders and receivers.

Call Recorder

If you are managing a team of customer care representatives, the call recording feature lets you evaluate the performance of your staff. The app automatically records all inbound and outbound phone calls and provides with detail of callers and recipients. The recorded calls get uploaded to the web portal of TOS from where the employers can retrieve them and assess. The surveillance software also allows blocking incoming calls from specific numbers.

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Location Finder

Want to monitor your traveling staff? The hidden phone surveillance app lets you supervise the activities of your traveling workers by keeping tabs on their current GPS location and detail of locations visited and routes taken.

Access Browsing History

The perks of the internet technology for business are innumerable. However, the unrestricted access of the internet can restrict your workers from giving their best. The unsupervised internetcan make your workers engaged in unproductive activities. The tracker software provides you with the internet browsing history of your workers’monitored devices. It lets you evaluate how your employees are using the internet. If they are visiting unproductive and unwanted websites you can block their access to those websites.


The software records keystrokes applied to the targeted phone. It includes keylogs of passwords, usernames and email addresses. These credentials enable employers to secretly access online accounts of workers to closely watch out their activities.

Screen Recorder

Whatever appears on the mobile phone screen can be witnessed without letting your workers know. You can closely watch out your workers’ mobile phone use by seeing what they are doing. The surveillance app lets you send remote command to the target phone to start screen recording or capturing screenshots. It allows capturing real-time cell phone activities of the target.

Access and Manage Contacts

The contact information of current customers, potential customers, workers and third parties is of great importance. The app provides secure platform for your contacts. It automatically creates online backup of all contacts saved in your workers’ monitored devices. You can access and manage these contacts right from the web portal of TOS. The app allows additions and deletions from the Phonebook without accessing the targeted device.

Surround Recording

The workplace activities of employees can be closely watched out with the powerful surround monitoring feature of TOS. You can turn on cameras and microphone of your workers’ mobile phones and can see what is happening in the surroundings.It lets you know what your workers are doing or talking about. This feature provides great support in preventing your workers from gossips, harassments and unproductive activities. 

The hidden phone tracker appprovides great support in streamlining business operations and boosting workers’ productivity.


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