How to Create Online Graphics with DesignCap


The graphic says more than a thousand words. Likewise, nothing explains complex facts more clearly than a clear graphic.

If you are looking for some applications to illustrate complex data and text simply on the Internet, then the online graphic design editors would be your good helpers. 

In the platform DesignCap, you can manage your graphic task effortless within minutes. This post is about how to make a visual with DesignCap.

A particularly helpful (and free) tool for online graphics is DesignCap. The platform offers you a good selection of elements and templates to quickly and easily create your own online visuals content.

In the platform DesignCap, you can manage your graphic task effortless within minutes. This post is about how to make a visual with DesignCap.

No graphic design experience necessary

The beauty of DesignCap is that the platform is for laymen. On the one hand, this means  DesignCap is, of course, never as complicated as with a professional graphics program.

On the other hand, marketers, bloggers or freelancers can create appealing online graphics with the tool without having to bring along graphic design experience.

The primary functions are also free. This is handy because you can try the platform so first. And when you realize that you need more features, you can top it up with a pro account.

For social media and the blog: how to build graphics with DesignCap

But before you can use DesignCap, you should create your DesignCap account. Signing your account up takes only a few minutes and works from either your Google Account, Facebook or your email address.

Once you have registered your DesignCap account, you can log in to your personal account page to check your personal info. To start your design, you can click a specific category to begin, also Click on ‘Template’ to get to the gallery.

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After redirecting to the template page, you would see a wide range of templates displayed. These range from Leaderboard to Pinterest Graphic. Select the “Infographic” option to create an online graphic. Besides, DesignCap allows you to enter keywords to find the matched templates.

Here are some design templates for infographics. Necessary: The templates already have a sample text. However, you can individually change, adapt or completely rebuild it in the following. Choose the template that best suits your ideas from the design concept.

You can choose one infographic template according to your needs. The infographic works well to organize your content.

If you like this infographic, you can click this template to preview and decide whether to customize it. This opens the edit menu, which allows you to customize the selected graphic.

Simply click directly into the individual fields of infographics. For example, if you want to edit the text, click on the appropriate text box. Then select “Text” from the menu on the left. Now you can click again into the text field and change the text here.

The format or the color can be changed via the options directly above the graphic. To select a new color, just click on the text icon. This will automatically open a color menu, from which you can now choose the appropriate color.

By the same operation, you can also change the photos in the template. To do this, click on the photo that you want to swap.

Here are some photos to choose from. Many of them are free. You can also tab keywords on the search box to search for specific terms and get a suitable image selection.

In conclusion

So far, this post has shown you the necessary steps to create an infographic with DesignCap. It is really simple to control and to do graphic works. How do you think about this tool? Hope you would find something useful in DesignCap.


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