Check Some Important Things When Shopping for a Handsaw


When searching for a new saw in the Hardware Store, make sure that each saw passes this 8-point test to guarantee that you have a good quality tool:

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1. Sharp Teeth

Run your thumb lightly over your teeth. If they’re sharp enough, they ‘re going to trap your skin with little snagging tugs.

2. Straight Blade

Look along the blade to see if it’s real. Only a slight bend or bow is attached. Check for the handle, too. A crooked one throws your arm away from the middle, making the sawing imprecise and tiring.

3. Evenly set Teeth

From the back of the sight, squint to the eyes. If some teeth extend above some, they are dragging and throwing down a raw cuts. When all teeth are spread out on one hand more than on the other, the light twists.

4. Blade Taper

Healthy scies taper so that at the top of the teeth they are slimmer. This offers clearing of the blades, reduces binding and cleanses so less dents are needed. It may not be obvious to Taper, so make sure it is defined. Look out for saws that just look like a taper grinding chamfered.

5. Proper flexing

When you lean, the saw will be bent and straightened as soon as you let it go.

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6. Built-in Tension

Bend the sciaw across the blade with a straight edge, and a slight bow may appear. The arch proceeds to try to push the blade straight back. This is the product of the pressure that rolls and hammers the center part of the frame. The bow should appear in a uniform curve and should not look slanting when the tension of the scope is right.

7. Blade Crown

Take the saw to the length of the arm and aim at the teeth. A slight outward curve can be seen at the middle of the edge. The cutting pressure is enhanced by the touch of just a few teeth with the wood at a certain moment. When the crown gets higher the better.

8. Balance

No absolute balancing laws exist, but the saw must feel secure in your palm – not the nose heavy or lengthy. Create a series of sawing motions in the air to see how the hand looks.


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