Which Zodiac Signs are the most incompatible?


Zodiac Signs are compatible and non-compatible.

When each of them is compatible with the others there is harmony in the world.

But, when there is incompatibility between signs, then there is chaos in the world.

It is due to the fact that certain factors don’t match within two particular Zodiac signs.

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Zodiac sign compatibility is largely dependent on a few factors given below:

1)    Their energies whether feminine or masculine. If you notice feminine go well with feminine and masculine with the masculine ones generally.

2)    The qualities of signs- mutable, cardinal and fixed types. Here the fixed and fixed Zodiac signs may not gel well whereas opposites may attract each other well.

3)    The elemental properties- Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Earth and Earth can go well, whereas Air and Air can believe each other immediately, however when it comes to the mingling of two elements that may not go very well.

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For example, Air goes well with Fire.

Water goes well with Earth.

Why do you think this happens? It is mainly since, Air and Fire are of the same nature- intangible, and quite free, definitely would not obey much.

For Earth and water, both are tangible sources and can be controlled by all.

There are 12 Zodiac signs and Zodiac sign compatibility is a big question for all the signs.

Zodiac SignsIncompatible Zodiac signsReasons for incompatibility
  Incompatible Zodiac Sign for AriesCancerAries does not like the muddy emotions of a Cancerian.
CapricornAries cannot consider the company of a Cardinal Earth Sign since their cardinalities point to different directions.
LibraAir and Fire Cardinal Signs are like two swords in a single scabbard.
  Incompatible Zodiac Sign for TaurusLeoFire and Earth Fixed Signs cannot go together since both have their own reasons to be who they are, thus a very bad match.
AquariusAir and Earth Fixed Signs can be a terrible combination when brought together.
ScorpioWater Fixed and Earth Fixed again don’t go together since they always think two different solutions for a common problem.
Incompatible Zodiac Sign for GeminiVirgoVirgo is the Earth mutable sign and Gemini is the Air mutable sign. Both are way too different in approach towards life and living.
PiscesGemini is the Air mutable sign and Pisces is the water mutable sign again elementally different and also their thought processes are very different.
SagittariusAir mutability and Fire mutability should have matched, but they don’t. Since Air mutable Gemini and Fire mutable Gemini run in different directions for the same problem. One runs to dig a hole where the other runs to pray for the rains. Approaches differ and one does not agree with the other.
Incompatible Zodiac Sign for CancerAriesCancer is over emotional, Aries is excessively mental. Both being cardinal signs, solutions to the same problem differ from one to the other.
LibraAir and Water cardinal signs are masculine and feminine in nature. Both have a clash of nature between how they see the world.
CapricornEarth Cardinal and Water Cardinal signs also have the cardinality issue between them. Both have a clash and the clash is immense between these tow signs. Noone can plan better than a Capricorn and no one can have ideas like the Cancer.
Incompatible Zodiac Sign for LeoTaurusFire and Earth Fixed Signs can never go well since they don’t have the same modality and same ways.
ScorpioFire Fixed Sign and Water Fixed Signs have a great spark, they do go well for some time unless they fall apart.
AquariusAir Fixed Sign and Fire fixed signs again have ego issues since they both see the world through the same lens but from different directions.
Incompatible Zodiac Sign forVirgoGeminiVirgo and Gemini are mutable signs. Virgo constructs ideas that are sustainable in nature and Gemini just creates a spark that burns before them without much effort. This irks the hardworking Virgo and when two mutable signs are put together both want the work to be done their way instead of being done in a particular way.
SagittariusAir mutants are just brilliant shining stars that have a scarce ethical approach to life. They do not mind doing a work in a way as long as the work is getting down. Sagittarians want a work to be done in a certain way adding to the woes of a Gemini.
PiscesAquatic mutants might be too dampening for a cool yet steady Virgo, too dampening for their spirits.
Incompatible Zodiac Sign for LibraCancerCancer is a cry baby to a Libra often. So much emotions that go in one way as the Crabwise Cancers do something else does not sit well with the Librans. In the same way, a Cancerian may see a Libran as a lifeless, dull being sans emotions. The quality of emotions differs significantly.
CapricornThe Capricorns are quite a tenacious creature and Cancerians are extremely vulnerable. Both are no match since one would always be poking the weak points of the other person.
AriesCancerians want people to be soft to them; they love an understanding person instead of a hot, fiery ball of gas. Yes, absolutely! That’s how a Cancerian sees an Arien.
Incompatible Zodiac Sign for ScorpioLeoScorpio and Leo are both passionate creatures. In the initial days their passion would melt them into one. However, slowly the dampness of the Scorpio would be too much for the Leo and the heat of the Leo would seem to evaporate the moistness of the Scorpion.
AquariusBoth are hedonistic but then both can do well together in some scenarios given they both mind their own business. A scorpion would want to know everything an Aquarian does and an Aquarian would treat it as a breach of faith.
TaurusA Taurus is a fixed Earth Sign and a Scorpio is a fixed Water Sign so both have no tenacity to go together. They are fixed in their approach in two different ways.
Incompatible Zodiac Sign for SagittariusVirgoVirgo and Sagittarius are mutable signs- Virgo is tangible and a Sagittarius is intangible energy. They both think constructively yet they are completely crazy in their own ways that do not match each other.
PiscesPisces and Sagittarius are quite a combination together since both have a speed very different from the rest of the world. Sagittarius and Pisces can do well together however they can stay together only when they stay and try to supplement each other in the ways of the world.
GeminiGemini and Sagittarius can never go well, since they stand opposite to each other in their behavior yet with a similarity and still their similarity is too discreet for the other one.
Incompatible Zodiac Sign for CapricornAriesCapricorn and Aries are Cardinal signs- both are bossy and a doubt would be present between the two when they are together.
LibraCardinal Capricorn and Libra are again no match for each other. You can never keep two swords together in the same scabbard.
CancerWater and Earth Signs are relatively different from each other. Capricorn is self sufficient and Cancerians are quite dependant on others for their mood and their temperament and thus the Capricorn would reject them outright.
Incompatible Zodiac Sign for AquariusTaurusTaurus is a sign of a doer and an Aquarius is the sign of the thinkers. Revolutionary ideas are always lashing the shores of Aquarian thinking. Whereas a Taurean would be a doer of things in the usual, specified ways.
ScorpioAs per Love Astrology predictions, Aquarius can bear a Scorpion on many aspects. They can go well if the Scorpion passion does not touch an Aquarius and if the Scorpio stops being curious of all the projects undertaken by an Aquarius.
LeoAs per Love predictions, mature Aquarius is responsible and a Leo is flamboyant. An immature Aquarius however has a nature similar to a Leo. A mature Aquarian is a closed circle and a Leo is an open circle. Such an Aquarian would never wear their heart on their sleeve but a Leo would wear their heart on their sleeves even when they are very old. An Aquarius would love to create a flexible and giving environment, basically a giver but a Leo is a taker- they never go well with each other.
Incompatible Zodiac Sign for PiscesGeminiAs per sign compatibility based love predictions a Pisces is passive for a Gemini who is always bursting forth with ideas. A Pisces is damn slow for a Gemini. Similarly though they are mutable signs yet a Pisces may not be able to trust a Gemini due to their flip flop nature. A Pisces would consider a Gemini as an unnecessarily proud and insensitive creature.
SagittariusA Sagittarius is steady and a Pisces is slow. Both can carve out a friendship only if both can keep up with each other for a long time. Generally siblings do well however the flames don’t want to waste so much energy on anybody.
VirgoVirgo is rigid for a Pisces and a Pisces is too disconnected to this world for a Virgo.

To summarize, as per Sign compatibility based love predictions, there cannot be a good link between the same modalities, between two different forms of energy and between one element and the other often. Only similar elements do well together. Thus, the chaos is well evident in this world, the chaos that rules this world is so well evident if you only know that there are some bases.


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