“What is E cigarette”


After the Union Cabinet meeting, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar told the press conference that 11 lakh railway employees will be given 78 days salary as productivity bonus. While talking to the media, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that The Union Cabinet has given approval to ban the production, manufacturing, import, export, sale, distribution and advertising of e-cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is powered by a battery and is a vaporizer that simulates the smoking and provides some behavioral aspects of smoking, including hand-to-mouth action of smoking, but without burning tobacco. Basically using e-cigarettes is known or called as “vaping”.
E cigarettes are better as they do not contain tobacco and it simply eliminates the risk of smoking tobacco. They are a good alternative for those who are addicted to smoking. More on E Cigarette on www.wikitrends.xyz . There are although a few risks regarding the health issues but they are very minimal than smoking actual cigarette.
But no one can deny e cigarettes have a lot of effects on health. It has been found that e-cigarettes have a direct effect on the blood vessels of human body. Due to this the blood  stream may get affected. And the excessive use of nicotine is harmful for breathing it may not be as much as harmful as it is smoking tobacco order that comes out of it but it is harmful nevertheless. E-cigarettes may have a lot of relief but they also cause a lot of health problems.

 The Finance Minister said that the data obtained from several US-based organisations suggested that e-cigarettes had become a trend among youngsters and is causing a new problem in the society and children are getting addicted.India has more than 100 million adult smokers  which makes it a huge potential market for e-cigarette companies.
The Finance Minister said during the press conference that the e-cigarette ordinance 2019 was discussed by the Group of Ministers for a long time. She believes that the issue of banning e-cigarettes in India will be taken in next session of Parliament, where it will be passed through an ordinance.

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The FM added, “Reports say that there are some who are probably getting into the habit of e-cigarettes as it seems cool. It is believed that there are more than 400 brands, none of which is manufactured in India. And they come in over 150 flavours. the reason is it’s odourless. However, the smoke that is exhaled by the users has a high-level of residual nicotine in it and those who passively inhale them are also affected,”
Few Months ago in August, the e-cigarette prohibition ordinance, 2019 was sent to a GOM following instructions from the Prime Minister’s Office. In the draft ordinance, the Ministry of Health proposed for the first time a sentence of one year imprisonment on the violators with a fine of one lakh rupees.

The ministry had suggested a maximum fine of Rs five lakh and a maximum jail term of three years for those who repeat the offenses. Modi government had included banning other alternative smoking devices including e-cigarettes in their first 100 days agenda.


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