Using The Colon Tube Safely To Take An Enema


Constipation can occur for a number of reasons like dehydration, as a consequence of taking medications for increasing blood haemoglobin, due to some neurodegenerative disease like Parkinson’s etc. Whatever the cause, there is a need felt by a person to get the waste out of the colon with the help of external aid.

What are colon tubes?

In order to enable a person to excrete safely, medicine shops generally keep colon tubes for sale. These tubes are inserted gently into the rectum through the anus to facilitate the flow of the enema solution from the holder into the colon. Previously this was done by using a nozzle but today the use of the same has become almost redundant. This is because nozzles were not only stiff and uncomfortable; they were also not long enough and often resulted in leaks.

Colon tubes help in the deeper delivery of the solution which further enables thorough cleaning. Since these colon tubes are generally made of silicone or latex, the insertion is much more comfortable. The thickness of the tube to be used also depends on the user and thus there is a selection of thick and thin colon tubes for sale available at all medical shops. There is a general preference for the thinner tube since:

  • It slides in easily,
  • The liquid can be let in gently so as to avoid the possibility of cramping.

Thicker tubes tend to evoke instant cramping due to the sudden rush of a large volume of fluid into the colon.

There are several benefits to using the colon tube for delivering the enema. They are:

  • A better alternative especially for those with haemorrhoids,
  • Also used to deliver the enema higher up into the colon, if required,
  • Easier to handle and do not cause any harm to the colon, if inserted properly.
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How to use the colon tube

The silicone colon tube is considered to be safe to use since it is non-toxic and can be sterilised in hot water while the latex tubes need to be thrown away after using it for approximately 20 times. The steps involved in the safe use of the same are:

  • The enema bag needs to be filled up and either hung or held from a height,
  • The colon tube then needs to be lubricated so that the user does not suffer any pain or discomfort,
  • The person using the colon tube then needs to lie down on his left side and
  • The colon tube slowly inserted into the rectum through the anus.

This enables the enema to slowly flow into the colon in the form of a channel of liquid through the silicone colon tube. This flow needs to be maintained for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes, depending on the patience of the user and the gravity of the situation.

Once the entire solution has been taken in and retained within the colon for some time, the user needs to sit on the toilet seat and let the colon cleanse itself by flushing out the retained liquid.

This is a very safe and sure way to cure constipation and there are many people who find it so comfortable to use that they prefer this method of relieving constipation over everything else.


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