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The best way to manage 10s, 100s, 1000s of PDF files or documents is to combine or merge them into one PDF file or document. You should merge your PDFs for efficient file handling and to keep all crucial data in one place for easy access. For maintaining data security you should go for an offline tool to handle your PDF.

Now, the QUESTION is — How to merge PDF files offline?

There are two ways of doing this. You can merge PDFs either using Adobe Acrobat DC or SysTools PDF Combiner software for Windows.

In the upcoming sections, you will get to know how to merge PDF files into one using both of the solutions. So, if you want to merge two PDF pages into one or want to combine multiple files, you can use any of the applications as per your convenience.

Before heading to the solutions, let me WARN you about online PDF combiner or merger websites. DON’T USE ANY ONLINE SERVICES if you are using PDF documents like bank statements, research papers, business-related documents, or any kind of job application form.

WHY? — Because these online services save your vital information on their CLOUD. Which is highly prone to data VULNERABILITY and sometimes IDENTITY THEFT.

ow to Merge PDF Files Using Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe — who is the creator of Portable Document Format or simply PDF also created Softwares for PDF to view, create, manipulate, print, sign, or do any other PDF-related activities.

To combine multiple files using it, follow these steps:

  1. Open Acrobat DC to merge PDFs: Open the Tools tab and go to “Combine Files”.

2. Include PDFs: Click “Add Files” and select the PDF documents you need to merge. You can combine PDFs or a blend of PDF reports and different documents.

3. Organize and erase content: Click, drag, and drop to reorder PDFs or click “Delete” to evacuate any substance you don’t need.

4. Consolidation: When you’re done orchestrating, click “Combine Files”.

5. Save PDF document: Name your output PDF and snap the “Save” button.

Biggest Downside of Using Acrobat

To use their application you need to subscribe to their annual service where you will pay $14.99 EVERY MONTH for Acrobat PRO DC. Also, you cannot cancel the subscription because of an annual commitment policy.

To use their free trial service you need to give your credit/debit card information first.

And for most people who just want to use it one or two times, it is a lot.

Now, you have to look for the best and affordable alternative that can meet adobe’s standards.

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Well, don’t worry! There is an affordable and efficient option out there that is SysTools Split & Merge software. This tool does not give you other services like PDF signing, filling, removing restrictions, or locking the PDF. But, it is mainly focused on combining and splitting the PDF.


How to Merge PDF Files Offline Using SysTools Split & Merge

It is very easy to run this PDF merger on your Windows OS to combine multiple files. The tool has been the first choice for many professionals like Chartered Accountants, Researchers, Govt. Agencies, Advocates, Bank employees, and various individuals.

Know how to merge multiple PDF files offline into one Using it:

  1. Download and start the “SysTools PDF Split & Merge” software and click Merge Option.

2. Insert PDFs using either Add File(s) or Add Folder & you can also avoid attachments in the output files, just check the Skip Attachments option. Then, click Next.

3. Enter the PDF password in the “Password” column otherwise, skip.

4. The software gives 2 PDF Merge Options. Choose any desired option. With this, you can also select any of the given destination paths: Create New PDF or Merge in Existing PDF.

5. Click on the Merge button to combine multiple files.

6. After getting the completion message click OK.

This is the best solution to how to merge PDF files offline without Acrobat.

This tool will preserve images, attachments, formatting, font, margin, page breaks, annotations, page layout, orientation, and structure of your PDF documents.

Features of This PDF Combiner

While going through the steps you must have seen all the software features like:

  1. It provides two options in the merge section: Merge PDF by Page Range & Split Merged PDF by Size. With Page Range, you can give a specific range like 1–7 9–11 15–171–91–8 10–22. Notice how ranges separated by each comma is representing Page Range from a different PDF file.
  2. If you don’t want attachments in your resultant file, you can choose to skip PDF attachments.
  3. There is a built-in PDF password unlocker functionality to merge encrypted files. (Only if you provide the password)
  4. You can save your merged file either into a new PDF document or an existing PDF file.
  5. The software also provides 6 split PDF options.


Now you know how to merge PDF files offline into one document effectively. You can use Adobe Acrobat DC but considering its downside you can go for a more affordable, efficient, and convenient PDF combiner that is SysTools PDF Split & Merge.


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