How to Fix Frequently Encountered PS4 Errors


If you are a PS4 player, you might encounter plenty of PS4 errors such as malfunction on blinking blue indicator light, malfunction disc auto ejects or not at all, PlayStation network connectivity problem, etc.

Today, some frequently asked PS4 errors and corresponding fixes will be talked about in this post. Now, let’s start exploring them together.

Disk Read & Application Errors

The disk read & write error (usually with an error code CE-35486-6) indicates that your disk has been damaged already. Though errors for undamaged disks are rare, it is still possible.

PS4 game console

Similar issue (the CE-35486-6 error) may happen when downloading PlayStation4 games. In this case, try to take similar steps to solve the issue. If there’s something wrong (a flaw with the disk) with the recently purchased PS4 controller, you can ask sellers for a refund or replacement for the faulty item.

Possible PS4 Repairs:

  • Power Circle: A simple power supply circle sometimes can address the disk read & write error. Turn off the console power supply, unplug all power cables, and then press the power source button for 30 seconds. Two minutes later, reconnect all the cables and power on your system.
  • Reinstall: Retreat the game, and then navigate to the icon on the screen. Press the Option button on the console to delete the game from the hard drive. After inserting the disk, the installation will begin automatically, which indicates that your console is recognizing the disk. As for the game with running error, uninstalling and reinstalling the program can fix the error.
  • Rebuild Database: After taking out the problematic disk, press the source button until you hear two beeps to turn off the console. Then press the source button again about 5 seconds to boot the console in safe mode. Now, plug the PS4 controller via USB, and then choose the rebuild database option. The whole process may cost you minutes to hours.
  • Install the Latest Game Update: Check if there’s any system or program update. If there’s any available update, please install it and restart the console.
  • Initialize the System: Sometimes, rebooting enables console to read the disk and program. Firstly, make sure that all the stored data has been backed up to USB drive or cloud. Then navigate to Settings and select the Initialize option. After that, your system will return to its original settings, which means that you need to reinstall all the applications. However, various disk and application errors will be stopped.
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Faulty HDMI Cables and Damaged HDMI Port

The error with HDMI cable (or the damaged HDMI port) makes PS4 games work improperly. Though the issue has been solved in subsequent PS4 versions, you may still want to find possible solutions when encountering this HDMI error.

PS4 HDMI cable

Possible PS4 Repairs:

  • Check HDMI Port: Check whether there’s any oblivious wrong or damage on HDMI ports of television and PS4. If possible, try to examine other HDMI cables.
  • Bend back the Metal: If you can clearly see a piece of mental bent upward within the console’s HDMI port, please bend the metal with a small tool. However, you should make sure that you won’t do extra damage to the HDMI during the process.
  • Use Different HDMI Cables: If you are unfortunate enough to receive HDMI cables with error, just change another cable.

Tip: If the above methods fail to work, please try to contact Sony to get alternative cables.

The PS4 Freezing Error

Some users report that PS4 games freezing, which may confuse game players. When this situation happens, users should do two things.

The first thing is to seek any PS4 update. Sony releases new PS4 updates to fix errors and improve performance. Many users solve the freezing issue in this way.

When PS4 freezes after a long time of playing, please make sure the game console is not over-heated. If PS4 is in closed entertainment or unsmooth surface, it is possible to get over-heated. If so, place PS4 to the open area to avoid freezing during the long time of working.

Any error not caused by abuse or accident is in the range of guarantee. When such sort of PS4 errors occur, users can contact their technicians via phone.

PS4 Black Screen Flickers

When playing PS4 game, the black screen flickers issue often occurs. To solve this issue, change a new HDMI cable to connect HDTV. It is reported that plenty of users have successfully fixed the error by setting the PS4 output as 720P, but this is not the most ideal method. 

Though new HDMI cable fails to solve the error, it is still helpful for you.

Certainly, you may also encounter many other common PS4 errors such as running out of storage space, malfunction on blinking red indicator light and other issues, but it doesn’t matter. There are more solutions than issues. 


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