How to Boost Cell Phone Reception in a Concrete Building


The heavy nature of the concrete means that the radiowaves forming a cell phone signal reception will often be disrupted. As such, if your premises are made of concrete or thick building material you can experience poor call quality and disconnections. The most effective way to solve this issue is to fully clear the concrete from the direction of your cell signal. This can be achieved by remote repeaters.


Concrete disrupts physical access to cell-related signals. The radio frequency (RF) waves absorb and replicate as they attempt it. In the end, not all cell waves that land on the outside of your concrete building penetrate into the interior allowing the mobile reception of your phone to be decreased. Concrete is not the only substance that can cause this effect, and even the leading causes for physical intrusion are metals and toughened glass.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Cell phone signal boosters functions as miniature cell towers, transmitting mobile signals around a hundred meters across an area. Two connected antennas are typically made up: an internal and an external one. The outside antenna serves as a receiver and injects cell signals until the concrete is covered. The antenna inside your building then transmits these signs to enable signals to enter your phone without the concrete interference in the building walls being subjected to physical interference.


Reduce interference

By minimizing the electromagnetic interference in your building, you can improve your cellular signal. Electromagnetic storage occurs when radio waves strike, causing physical interference in the same way. To avoid this, try keeping your cell phone areas away from wireless devices, such as routers and cordless phones. It does not eliminate any physical intrusion, but will help you provide the signals that make it into your building with a safer environment.

Review Coverage

Perhaps your building’s weak signal is generally hampered by poor cell reception in your area. One way to test if the situation is is by using reception monitoring sites including OpenSignal and SignalMap. These websites allow users to show how much they receive and on which network they are located. Consider changing providers to one which provides better coverage if the reception in your area is consistently bad.


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