How much time to spend on editing wedding photos?



This is a very confusing question. This thing totally depends on the photographer. Different photographers take different time. Though it is completely based on their expertise and proficiency. It also depends on how many photos they have taken in a day. Since the wedding moment is an extraordinary moment; they will have many images to edit and go through.

Average time to wait for a wedding photo:

Typically, it may take 2-6 weeks to edit all images and then a photographer is able to deliver you the fresh pieces. But the album may take even more time, and this is completely worth it.

Why wedding photos take a long time to get back?

The excitement of beautiful wedding photos makes the bride and groom impatient. They will know the definite date of delivery, but they can not wait. It’s not just the clicking photo; the photographer has to edit, crop the photo, adjust the color balance, also need to create the style, etc. There are lots of works after they capture wedding photos.

The album must create in such a way, that it must convey the wedding story. It also highlights the key moments and the photographer must accommodate the best selection of photos.

Six Steps to edit and deliver the wedding photo in one day:

All wedding photos cannot be delivered in one day. But few images can be edited and delivered the same day. For this, you should follow some steps. Those are given below:

  • Import and Backup: You need to import photos from the camera to your laptop. You also need to organize the photos by date. If you can arrange with date, then it becomes easier for you to search. You can also post on Facebook that you did photography and tag the bride and groom.
  • Culling: This process takes around 30 minutes to one hour. Here you need to select some best photos and make a quote where the wedding story will be explained as beautifully as possible.
  • Editing and retouching: This is one of the important steps where you need to edit those selected photos. You also need to crop extra things. After finishing, you can upload the highlights into the PASS gallery and photos will be ready. Therefore, clients don’t need to wait for a long time to explore some of their wedding photos.
  • Lightroom speed tip: The lightroom means where you can copy the required images and deselect pictures in no time. You also need to keep the original photo because if anything goes wrong, you can edit the old one. You need to hold command and select images and then if you want to do copy, you can do that as well. If you want to edit, then you can edit.
  • Exporting: You need a minimum of 45 minutes to export. You can make a different folder of wedding moment by the name of Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Family, and much more. Photos must be export in these settings like 88 quality, 33dpi, 2500 px long edge, etc.
  • Uploading: In this, you can upload the photos for the viewer, wherever the customer says. It will take at least a one-hour time.
  • Delivery: Now everything is done and its time to deliver the photos in respective email id. It takes 10 minutes only.

A wedding is a special event for everyone’s life, and photography makes it memorable. So, take the necessary time to edit wedding pictures.


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